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  1. TimmyB

    Front brake delay.

    I have a Suzuki Bandit 1250 2007 non abs. When I first bought the bike even putting it on the trailer there was a strange delay before the front brake would actually grab. I figured easy enough fix I get the bike home bleed up the brakes and Wallah. Nope still there rebuild the front calipers...
  2. ntklr650

    Front Brake advise needed.

    So I am having a little issue I could use some advice on. I recently bought a 01 KLR650 from a forum member and have been working to get it dialed in. the last 2 days I was hearing a grinding noise on the front and I assumed a stuck caliper. A few light taps with a hammer and it went away for a...
  3. D

    Modifying Front Fender on F800GSA

    I posted what happened on the South of DFW thread, but I wanted to put this somewhere in case someone has the same issue. The question is if I am missing something (as in is it a bad idea) on what I am likely going to be doing. I was out on a ride last weekend, and for the second time found...
  4. 9

    wanted KLR parts

    I need at least one of everything. Well, not everything, but still need lotsa parts. Rims, plastics, eexhaust, bars, chain and sprockets. ****, I even need a head light. **** high beam doesn't work. But hey, it runs. Only 58k miles. Holla if you have some of the mentioned parts.
  5. Drumboy

    Endless Air in Brake Line

    I was almost finished DS'ing my DRZ and when I was installed the hydraulic switch on the front master cylinder I pulled the lever and no resistance. I think all the fluid in the reservoir drained out when I had the banjo bolt off (the switch replaces it). I've been bleeding my brakes for over...