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  1. Thurmont

    CES 2013 - Liquid Image Ego Mini Helmet Cam

    Intriguing. Yet, no mention on battery life or storage capacity. Still I like the idea... http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2013/01/ces-2013-unveiled-gallery/?pid=4277
  2. chadleys1

    Know any riders near Lake Powell ?

    Hello TWT friends, This email is being sent as a last ditch effort to retrieve the digital photos from the camera I lost on the big adventure ride I just completed. I'll be posting a ride report soon - 10 days 3015 miles through WTexas/Arizona/Utah/Colorado/NewMexico - on a R100GSPD ! I lost...
  3. Tracker

    Gadget report: Zeikos remote shutter trigger

    I wanted a remote shutter trigger for my Nikon D90 (the IR trigger requires line of sight to the front left face of the camera) and thanks to M38A1, I found one of these new for it on Amazon for $9.19 including shipping from "Angel Seller". Zeikos ZE-MCDC2 Ordered Sunday, received it on Friday...
  4. Tracker

    Lens length, f-stop and depth of field

    It's been about a hundred years (ok, 20+) since I had my AE-1 and I use to have a pretty good handle on depth of field, f-stops and lens lengths. Since then, I've slept a few nights and forgot most of it, other than small f-stops have shallow depths of field and large f-stops deeper DOF. The...
  5. Hookem42

    VholdR camera for $99

    My pov camera from VholdR went missing not to long ago. So I went to Amazon to order a new one. The good news is that for today they are for $99. It’s part of the daily specials so it ends in a few of hours. If anyone wants a sick pov camera you should go.