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  1. crchristo

    Interested in a no pavement Mexico trip?

    I've set my mind on riding in Mexico this year, and plan on doing the ride to Galeana in October. The more I thought about it, the less I wanted to wait that long, Unfortunately, I can't do the planned ride to Jalpan in April. So, I started reading reports both here and other places. Among...
  2. T

    FS - DRZ 400s - two for SALE

    For Sale - 2013 Suzuki DRZ 400s. This is a street legal dirt bike. It is black & White and in excellent condition. It sells for $4300. Garage kept, lots of extras like bark busters, back racks, fender eliminators, LED brake lights, DOT knobbies, extra wide foot pegs, extra fuel cell mount and...
  3. L

    Hola from El Paso old Bultaco guy

    I just discovered the site. Looks really neat. I'm in the process of restoring my second Bultaco Matador 107 MK5 SD. Getting great help and expertise from a former Bul Racer, Gene Waggoner, in Las Cruces. I'll be keeping this one as a remembrance of my first Matador from 1971 (about a 64-65...