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  1. OldTLSDoug

    WANTED Swap of DR-Z400 Outside Clutch cover and left side flywheel cover

    The previous owner (I will not mention Gixxerjasen's name) put some Thumpertalk case savers on the bike. He painted them black and used red highlight on the TT logo. He did a great job, but it harshes my feng shui. Too much black and red on my bike. So I want to swap. I don't need the...
  2. T

    Sold - 2008 Drz 400 2500$

    very clean bike with pumper carb, full exhaust, new street tires, new d606 tires (on it now), Spair new off road front tire, black plastic kit and all the factory parts. *new Uninstalled thumper talk case savers. *I bought this bike a few months ago with big plans, but my first trip ended with a...
  3. W

    WTB OR swap - DRZ lowered seat

    Hi folks! I just bought a beautiful drz400 with a gorgeous black and white Seat Concepts saddle. I'm a shortypants and need a lower seat. I'm looking for an upgrade seat (Corbin, seat concepts, etc) in the low version. If you have a low seat that you want to sell or swap, let's talk!
  4. Hail

    Introduction & Short Bio - New to Dual Sport

    Howdy all! My name is Brad. I am 41 and have been riding street for about 22 years or so. I bought my first motorcycle at Kawasaki of Stafford in 1990. It was a 1989 Kawasaki EX500 with full after market fairing. Since I had not actually ridden before I had it delivered to my home. From...