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east texas

  1. cramers

    New kid in East TX

    Howdy! I'm new to the site and to Texas! My girlfriend and I just moved down to Nacogdoches from Illinois (grad school for her, job for me)! I inherited a Vulcan 800 in highschool that was my first big boy bike. Left the Vulcan with my parents when I came down but I picked up a new KLR in...
  2. P

    East Texas 450 – Nov 6 and 7, 2021

    Who: Drop-in riders. What: East Texas 450 Where: Day 1: Livingston Walmart to Center Day 2: Center Walmart to Livingston When: November 6 and 7, 2021. Arrive by 0700, first kickstands up by 0715. Why: Fun adventure route, good times, and fun people. How: This is an informal ride with...
  3. BrianR

    Want to “demo” a Triumph Trophy

    I think I want a Trophy. Best deals on Trophy’s seem to be far away. Will someone please let me ride theirs for a little bit to see if I like it?Closest one I can find is 150 miles from me here near Tyler. Mature adult just wanting a test ride before I fly to Tucson or Florida to bring one home...