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  1. D

    FJR DEMO needed

    I am looking to change bikes. I don't want to buy another one without riding it first. I have learned my lesson. If anyone has a Yamaha FJR I can demo please let me know. If you know of a dealer that has an FJR to demo let me know. I really want to ride one of those beautiful machines.
  2. M

    2008 FJR FS in NW HOU!

    Very clean A Model with a lot of farkles! Cee Bailey 13" shield, Beowulf slip ons, Corbin front and rear AND Smuggler, SW Motech rear rack powder coated 08 black, tank ring painted to match like the 2009 (by Garauld), Garmin Zumo, dual wireless heat troller, tech spec pads, and highway pegs! The...
  3. txvoyager

    Sold - 2003 Completely Farkled & IBR-Proven Yamaha FJR1300 -- Priced to sell $4900

    Sold - 2003 Completely Farkled & IBR-Proven Yamaha FJR1300 -- Priced to sell $4900 **** SOLD **** Pics of my farkling adventures with the FJR here: http://kevinsawatsky.com/FJR.html Price drop to $4500 We've enjoyed lots of miles (101k on the bike and counting) but 2003 was the fastest year...
  4. cdc

    FJR1300 Recall [Ground connector]

    Received a letter from Yamaha today advising of a recall on bikes from 2006-2009 for a ground joint connector of the wire harness that could overheat / become deformed... This applies to all models, has anyone else received this notice? Will be checking with the local dealer . . .
  5. cdc

    FJR trailered with a Rabbit

    I recently bought this small, foldable Harbor Freight trailer from a fellow TWT. For the past couple of days with help from a friend, we have re-painted it and we are in the process of mounting the choke in a manner that would be easy to dismount (to be able to fold it back). The trailer had...
  6. cdc

    FJR Grip removal question

    I am trying to see how easy / difficult it may be to install a Vibranator in my grips and thought it would be an easy task.... The grip: The grip without the black-end. How can I remove this? Also posted the question in the FJRforum, but sometimes responses there are a bit 'rough'...
  7. cdc

    FJR1300 - adding (night) visibility

    It seems one of the first and most basic mod for the FJR is adding the reflective decals which I did, along with the small LED break light above the plate.