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klr 650

  1. B

    Bike For Sale KLR 650 SOLD

    **Forum moderators: This bike is also up on FB and Craigslist, so if I need to post somewhere else just let me know. Thank you. Cleanest KLR 650 you will find. Purchased new in 2017 , I am a preventative maintenance person. Thus, this bike is 5-ish years old, but looks brand new. Comes with...
  2. DFW_Warrior

    2 Weeks Off! Christmas in Big Bend

    Long story short, 2020 has been one heck of a year. With work being very interesting, I was able to take my first two weeks off in a row in over 10 years. I am usually taking breaks a week at a time or less but due to this year’s workflow I was able to swing two weeks off. So out to Big Bend...
  3. farhan2112

    WTB Gen1 KLR 650 windshield

    I've picked up a 2002 KLR with no windshield so anything would do. Aftermarket preferred but stock will do if anyone has one lying around, thanks!
  4. McSchwifty

    Stolen KLR 650 found! Beaten but not broken!

    My bike was stolen near the UTSA Campus on christmas eve. It was my first bike and I put a lot of work into it. All this month ive been itching to ride, itching to take off on the weekend and looking for a new bike as well as my bike on online marketplaces. Well low and behold today I got a...
  5. McSchwifty

    If found please message me, its been reported stolen :/

    Its been a rough time this past month. On the 23-24th of December, my motorcycle that I recently acquired was stolen. Ive reported it to the SAPD in hopes of maybe recovering it. If you happen to see it please contact me or your local PD, id really like it back and it had become a really nice...
  6. ntklr650

    Homesteading in Krum, bike stuff.

    So I have a blog just to ramble from time to time as well as a YouTube channel about our Homestead and Motorcycle stuff. I'm not overly exciting but I enjoy documenting what we are up to. The blog https://rilmanstuff.wordpress.com The YouTube channel...
  7. Ropeburn

    KLR 650 For Sale

    2008 KLR For Sale - $4200.00 14,377 miles Austin, Tx Upper KLR Dash with RAM GPS and Phone mounts Homemade lower KLR dash with 12v, USB, auxiliary lights and voltmeter SW-Motech crash bars SW-Motech bash plate SW-Motech...
  8. T

    Eagle Mike Rotor Holder Wrench and Rotor Puller for KLR 650

    I have a once-used Eagle Mike Rotor Holder Wrench and Rotor Puller for all years KLR 650 up for sale. These tools are used when replacing the doohickey on the bike. You can read the details here: https://www.eaglemike.com/Rotor-holder-wrench-rhw.htm I paid $40 plus shipping for both items and...
  9. T

    Adventure Designs KLR 650 Ultimate Complete Tool Kit

    I recently sold my 2012 KLR 650 and have a brand-new, never used Adventure Designs KLR 650 Ultimate Complete Tool Kit available for purchase. You can view the details of the kit in this link: https://www.advdesigns.com/ulcokakltoki.html I paid $260 and am happy to let it go for $155 SHIPPED or...
  10. T

    For sale: Nearly new Stock seat and Rear Shock for Gen 2 KLR 650

    I have a barely used stock seat (only 180 miles put on this seat) as well as the same mileage rear shock from a Gen 2 KLR 650 up for sale. I'm happy to send photos if you'd like. Seat is $65 local/$85 shipped and rear shock is $50 local/$65 shipped. Please PM or post up if interested. Thanks!
  11. T

    *SOLD* OutdoorX4 2012 KLR 650 $5,500 FIRM

    Back in March 2016 I acquired an extremely low mileage, bone-stock KLR 650 (2012 model with only 180 miles) and used the bike as a blank canvas to build and use for OutdoorX4 Magazine, a print publication focused on vehicle-based adventure travel and outdoors recreation. Since that time the...
  12. richb

    Sold: 2009 KLR 650

    2009 KLR 650, black, 14,900 miles - Nacogdoches, TX No KLR stickers on bike Tusk racks & panniers Corbin soft cases (received free on TWT) KLR tank bag Acerbid hand guards Cee Bailey Windscreen, OEM windscreen goes with the bike Cee Bailey headlight shield Tool tube mounted to frame, forward of...
  13. Crew Chief

    2001 KLR650 13XXX miles *SOLD*

    *SOLD Via Craigslist* Pictures can be found in the Craigslist ad here.. The price is $2100 to a board member and if sold here the forum will get $100. A little more info that isn't in the Craigslist ad. I bought this bike in Oklahoma and it had definitely been dual sported a lot. The previous...
  14. T

    My 2012 KLR 650 Build

    Back in March I purchased my first bike, a 2012 KLR 650 that was essentially brand-new with only 180 miles on the odometer. I've just published an article on the KLR and the details of my build. You can read about it in the latest issue of OutdoorX4 in the link below. I have a PDF of the...
  15. T

    My "new" ride!!

    On Friday I met a gentleman who had a 2012 Kawasaki KLR 650 with only 178 miles on the odometer. Apparently he only rode it once a week the past four years to/from his post office located about .25 miles from his home. He recently retired from the HPD and is moving to Greece in two weeks and...
  16. FortyNiner

    Sold - Seat for 2008 KLR 650

    KLR 650 seat, 2008 OEM with very little usage; excellent condition. Price $30 plus shipping. Shipping estimate is about $17. Local Pickup is of course an option.
  17. Seismo

    For sale: 2009 Kawasaki KLR650 14,100 miles $3800

    Runs great. All service has been performed by myself and is up to date. I have kept service records and modification records for everything I have done. I LOVE the bike and it has never failed me even once. I have ridden the bike to Colorado, Arkansas and the Great Smokey Mountains all from...
  18. Haole Girl

    2009 KLR 650 Frame - $375

    Bike had 2835 miles it before I tore her down. I had motor issues, so the frame is solid. This is all I have left of the bike - the frame. All other items have sold or donated. This frame will work with 2008 to present KLR650s. Not sure about previous years... Pictures are in my TWT...
  19. McRuss

    For Sale: 2007 KLR 650