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  1. McSchwifty

    Stolen KLR 650 found! Beaten but not broken!

    My bike was stolen near the UTSA Campus on christmas eve. It was my first bike and I put a lot of work into it. All this month ive been itching to ride, itching to take off on the weekend and looking for a new bike as well as my bike on online marketplaces. Well low and behold today I got a...
  2. R


    I have an XL Arai XD-4 Helmet that comes with the original clear and smoke face shields and a Sena 20s. The Helmet is approximately 18 months old and the Sena unit was purchased and installed at the same time. I have the original boxes for both, owners manuals and USB Connector/Charger for the...
  3. T

    HOUSTON: SOLD - KLR 650 w/ cargo sidecar

    SOLD - 2016 Kawasaki KLR650 Urban Camo, less than 5000 miles.
  4. T

    Kawasaki - KLR 650 2006

    Hi, for sale is my 2006 KLR650, leaving the country so all mast go. she has about 16k street legal have off road modification I'm asking $2200 OBO. new front tire, extra lights, aluminum rack also comes with manual and extra tire and few more extras I also have other gear that is all for...
  5. R

    KLR 650 For Sale

    2008 KLR For Sale - $4200.00 14,377 miles Austin, Tx Upper KLR Dash with RAM GPS and Phone mounts Homemade lower KLR dash with 12v, USB, auxiliary lights and voltmeter SW-Motech crash bars SW-Motech bash plate SW-Motech...
  6. D


    Thinking about doing a 685 kit on an 07 KLR650. Looking for a good shop to do the machining, im out of San Antonio, but would drive to Houston, Austin, even Dallas if necessary. I don't exactly trust the postal service with my cylinder. Also I do not believe the KLR has a Nikasil coating, can...
  7. T

    Eagle Mike Rotor Holder Wrench and Rotor Puller for KLR 650

    I have a once-used Eagle Mike Rotor Holder Wrench and Rotor Puller for all years KLR 650 up for sale. These tools are used when replacing the doohickey on the bike. You can read the details here: https://www.eaglemike.com/Rotor-holder-wrench-rhw.htm I paid $40 plus shipping for both items and...
  8. T

    Adventure Designs KLR 650 Ultimate Complete Tool Kit

    I recently sold my 2012 KLR 650 and have a brand-new, never used Adventure Designs KLR 650 Ultimate Complete Tool Kit available for purchase. You can view the details of the kit in this link: https://www.advdesigns.com/ulcokakltoki.html I paid $260 and am happy to let it go for $155 SHIPPED or...
  9. T

    For sale: Nearly new Stock seat and Rear Shock for Gen 2 KLR 650

    I have a barely used stock seat (only 180 miles put on this seat) as well as the same mileage rear shock from a Gen 2 KLR 650 up for sale. I'm happy to send photos if you'd like. Seat is $65 local/$85 shipped and rear shock is $50 local/$65 shipped. Please PM or post up if interested. Thanks!
  10. T

    *SOLD* OutdoorX4 2012 KLR 650 $5,500 FIRM

    Back in March 2016 I acquired an extremely low mileage, bone-stock KLR 650 (2012 model with only 180 miles) and used the bike as a blank canvas to build and use for OutdoorX4 Magazine, a print publication focused on vehicle-based adventure travel and outdoors recreation. Since that time the...
  11. J

    Anyone ever towed a bike with a bike? Yes, you read that right

    Heyo, just got back from SE Asia, where they do literally everything via motorbike. Family of 6? Fits on a motorbike. Need to move a queen mattress? Motorbike. Anyway, one of the popular forms of transportation for foreigners in Cambodia is this kind of tuk-tuk that’s actually a trailer towed...
  12. ntklr650

    Front Brake advise needed.

    So I am having a little issue I could use some advice on. I recently bought a 01 KLR650 from a forum member and have been working to get it dialed in. the last 2 days I was hearing a grinding noise on the front and I assumed a stuck caliper. A few light taps with a hammer and it went away for a...
  13. T

    SOLD - 2006 Triumph Speed Triple

    Speed Triple is sold. Thank you for looking. Now is the perfect weather for riding in Texas.
  14. copb8

    2007 Yamaha WR450F - STREET LEGAL & PLATED -- SOLD --

    *** SOLD *** This is a 2007 Yamaha WR450F that is street legal and in EXCEPTIONAL condition with no issues. This bike is currently plated, just inspected and ready to ride on the street. Here are some pictures: https://www.dropbox.com/l/vtCpeywKYwqbiVjMjbJkfs Mods listed below: Seat...
  15. N

    2010 BMW F 800 GS For Sale

    2010 BMW F 800 GS For Sale This is quite possibly the best thing I’ve bought in my whole life. I’m probably going to regret selling. I’ve had more fun on this bike than any I’ve ever owned. Very fun, comfortable to ride motorcycle that can tear up twistys, dirt roads, city steets, or pretty...
  16. T

    KLR with blown engine, plenty farkled SOLD

    08 Kawasaki KLR 650 with 22,000 miles for sale. One of the 08 oil burners, wich I happily poured oil into as it burned it, until....Ker-Chunk. Not sure what blew, but a few high speed runs (80mph) blew all the oil and....no compression, no nothing. New seals in fork, with progressive springs...
  17. T

    Doohickey shop recomendation DFW

    Hello! Looking for a recomendation for a shop or mechanic in the DFW area (I live in Grapevine) to do the "doohickey" repair on my 2008 KLR. It runs fine now, but want it to last for a long time! Looked at a few videos on how to do it yourself...looks like a job for someone who has done it...
  18. xBobbyx

    WTT 2005 HONDA TRX400EX

    I'm looking to trade my 2005 Honda trx400ex quad with tilt trailer for a bike. Most interested in a KLR650 but will entertain others. Thanks.
  19. Haole Girl

    2009 KLR 650 Frame - $375

    Bike had 2835 miles it before I tore her down. I had motor issues, so the frame is solid. This is all I have left of the bike - the frame. All other items have sold or donated. This frame will work with 2008 to present KLR650s. Not sure about previous years... Pictures are in my TWT...
  20. T

    KLR650 Video Off Road

    Red River Adventure Ride -25Nov2012 - YouTube Enjoy! JB