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  1. crchristo

    Coahuila 1000

    Has anyone done this? Is anyone thinking about doing it either this year or next? I just heard about it and it looks like it might be a fun thing for this slow old(er) guy to try. I can't figure out how I would support myself, logistically though.
  2. crchristo

    Interested in a no pavement Mexico trip?

    I've set my mind on riding in Mexico this year, and plan on doing the ride to Galeana in October. The more I thought about it, the less I wanted to wait that long, Unfortunately, I can't do the planned ride to Jalpan in April. So, I started reading reports both here and other places. Among...
  3. copb8

    Planning and Prep Tips for the next big DS Ride

    I'd like to start this general discussion about anything to do with planning and prepping for an extended Dual Sport (DS) ride. I'm planning on participating in the April Mexico ride (http://www.twtex.com/forums/showthread.php?t=106215) and have A LOT to learn! This thread can be a place for...
  4. andyc740

    Union Bike Fest - Chihuahua, Chih, Mexico

    First part of October I went to see my neck doctor for my three-month checkup after my summer neck operation. He saw my riding jacket and asked what it was. "That's my riding jacket." "You've been riding again?" "Yes. I rode down here." "Have you been on any long rides lately...like San...
  5. jonathonm

    Parque Nacional Cumbres de Monterrey

    I am currently looking at the possibility of a trip to the Parque Nacional Cumbres de Monterrey area. Has any been on a ride down that way or in Mexico in general? I know it can be dangerous and that I will require additional insurance on my bike but it looks like a spectacular area.
  6. andyc740

    Stretching Our Legs - Bike Rally, San Luis Potosi, Mexico

    Though I've ridden to a number of bike rallies in Mexico over the past few years, I wanted to make one where members of CMA Mexico would also be able to attend. Most of them live in central areas of Mexico. The rallies we've been attending in northern Mexico are out of their range. The...
  7. andyc740

    Quick ride to Santiago, Mexico but, WOW!

    It was bound to happen, pulled over by the Federales on the autopista between Reynosa and Monterrey. Ostensibly, I was speeding (140 kph in a 110 zone, according to them), but they were mostly fishing for a payoff. Four police cars and several cops standing alongside the road with radar guns...
  8. andyc740

    Coughs, Coconuts and Coffee in Huatusco, Veracruz, Mexico

    Bato wasn't looking well when he showed up Sunday evening at the hotel in McAllen, the night before leaving for Mexico. He was feverish and coughing but was determined to go along when I left for Huatusco Monday morning. He did decide he had too much gear along and left his top trunk and...
  9. andyc740

    Staying Awake - the Moto Hokey Pokey

    A sign on the wall of my favorite burger joint in the Valley reads, “I want to die peacefully in my sleep like my grandfather, not screaming and yelling like the passengers in his car.” During my rides, I often get sleepy in the afternoons going down the highway. Not wanting to wake up plowing...
  10. andyc740

    Waltzing through the Sierra Gorda - another Mexico ride!

    I'd been eyeing maps of the mountains between Cd. Victoria and Tamazunchale since my first couple of trips to Mexico, an area containing the northern part of the Sierra Gorda mountains. Dale and I decided on a ride towards the end of September, hoping the weather would be a bit cooler and the...
  11. andyc740

    A Ton of Miles in Mexico - Jan 2012

    Dark-thirty Friday morning at the McAllen hotel. It was time. I’d lain awake long enough. I dressed in the dark trying not to wake my wife (she was there on business, I wasn’t), gathered my luggage and went downstairs to the waiting bike parked at the hotel entrance. Several months ago...
  12. andyc740

    Northern Mexico - the Lost Links

    I started making motorcycle trips to Mexico in 2007. The first two are posted here on TWT, but my initial ride reports were posted to TriumphRAT.net. Given the interest shown in the ride reports, I'll post the links for those reports here, along with a summary and few teaser pictures, letting...
  13. andyc740

    Motohermandad 2011, Tampico, Tat-tat-tat-Tamaulipas

    Motohermandad weekend was upon us again. We had been to the bike rally in Tampico the past two years and wanted to make it three in a row. We had all heard the continuing scare stories coming out of Mexico, but just kept telling ourselves everything would be OK, don't worry. I had slapped a...
  14. andyc740

    Tough Trip to Paradise - Huatusco, Mexico

    Christmas and New Year’s finally over, I needed a road trip to blow the carbon out of my system. The past two years, I’ve made winter trips to Huatusco to visit Manolo and Hortensia, the president of CMA-Mexico, his wife and family. The first trip was on the bike. Last year, I cheated and took...
  15. andyc740

    Rutas en el Desierto, Monclova, Mexico Bike Rally

    $%^%*$)! Our latest outing to Mexico was off to a horrible start and I hadn’t even left the house. I’d been trying to get Rocinante cranked for half an hour at dark thirty in the morning, something I’m sure the neighborhood didn’t appreciate, and she wasn’t cooperating. Mike the Mechanic told...
  16. andyc740

    Riding with Dinosaurs - Saltillo, Mexico

    Just back from another Mexico bike rally trip, this one to Saltillo. The trip was a nice ride, except for the getting wet part. We spit on rain!! I'm starting the ride report process and hope to have it going up soon. Dinosaurs does not refer to the people along on the ride, mostly...
  17. andyc740

    Motohermandad 2010, Tampico, Mexico

    Finally, a ride report for our latest trip to Mexico, the 3rd annual Motohermandad 2010 motorcycle rally over Memorial Day weekend. I haven't finished the write-up, but maybe posting the start will spur me toward the finish. As usual, you can find more pictures on Picasa at...
  18. andyc740

    Xilitla, San Luis Potosi - Salvadore Dali meets Indiana Jones

    Violence along the border with Mexico has escalated in the past few months due to friction between the Gulf Coast Cartel and the Zetas. We intend to keep going to Mexico. This trip was made 2 years ago, but I've never posted a trip report on it, so here you go... Lefty's and my second bike...
  19. andyc740

    Los Coyotes Rodantes y Real de Catorce - First Mexico Bike Trip 09/07

    Part I - Corpus Christi to Saltillo I live in Corpus Christi, Texas and ride a 2001 Trophy 1200 (since christened Rocinante). I've posted a number of ride reports to a Triumph forum, but decided to start posting here. TWT seems more active and more interested in reports such as these. The...