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  1. F-Ride

    COBDR & MOAB 7-22 Sep 2017

    Planning a trip to MOAB; Base camp and day rides. Nothing too difficult, but White Rim is a must! Looking for ride partner(s). I will be taking Sparky the mighty WR250R :rider:
  2. Snuggs0802

    My First Really Long Ride on a Really Big Adventure Bike

    As an avid reader of ride reports on this forum as well as ADV Rider, I’ve vicariously ridden to far-off places through the adventures of others. I never made a commitment to do such a ride myself. There were always excuses. Most recently however, I found myself a little short of excuses...
  3. hizzo3

    Olympia Gear ?'s

    So after the pie run and taking a few naps, I think its time for some better pajamas:sleep:. I am looking at the Olympia Moab mesh jacket and Olympia Airglide 3 mesh over pants. Anyone have any experience with Olympia, their mesh gear or these specific items? I am looking for something that...