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  1. travelinman

    New Member Checking in from Spring

    Howdy All! I am moving back to the Houston area after 7 years abroad! I have had the privilege to ride in Oman and the UAE for 3-1/2 years and then another 3-1/2 years in Europe (Denmark). I mainly ride Harley's, but I'm not afraid to take them off the blacktop. I am also appreciative of...
  2. GSXish

    New Member - GSXish

    Hello All! My real name is Jeffrey Thomas. I am a Critical Infrastructure Engineer that lives in Austin, TX. I am also a Photographer part time. I have been riding for 10 years now. I just recently buy my DREAM bike, 2011 Suzuki GSX 1250FA. This is going to be my road trip bike. I am...
  3. seatea777

    New Member from West Houston Area

    Howdy! I finally joined TWT after recently coming across the site. I graduated from college in May and moved to Houston for work. :-) I currently drive a 2001 Yamaha VMAX. It's a bit dinged up from previous owners but runs strong. I do a bit of riding west of Brookshire when I'm able to. My...
  4. F

    Hey there!

    Whats up guys? Names Bobby and I'm new to all this mess. I've always wanted a bike and I recently decided now's the time to get one. Turns out I have bought 3... A Honda SL350 in need of tons of work and a CB350 that I'm inches from getting to run. Anyone know anything about Honda twins I'm...
  5. E

    Hello from Windcrest!

    Hello! My name is Eric and I am from Windcrest, a suburb in NE San Antonio. I have a long and disconnected histoy of riding. I started racing a Suzuki PW-50 in 1981 at the ripe age of 6 up in Seattle. After moving to SA in 1983 my Dad sold all the bikes except an old Honda QA-50 that we...