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ninja 250

  1. R

    Finally Made Account...

    Hello all, I'm Trevor. For those of you that know him, I'm Randypower's son. I've been to a few rides and meets with him but never had an account so I finally did the smart thing and made one. I ride when I can around the Spring Branch area. Been riding about 6 years now. Done lots of motocross...
  2. fkocher

    New to TWT

    kawakocher here. I am new to TWT. I ride a 2010 Ninja 250R. I used to ride a 2007 Ninja 250. I got t-boned by a car at 50mph so I now have the newer bike. I commute daily to work and run short errands. I have not ridden in a group but would like to learn and do it once in a while.