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  1. B

    For Sale: Photography - Sigma zoom, Tamrac photo backpack

    I had a studio back when and I seldom if ever use this stuff anymore. I'm putting what I think should be fair prices - if you disagree make an offer. Sigma EX 120-300 HSM f2.8 EF mount zoom for Canon - $1,000. I bought it from a Sports Illustrated photographer who changed her business (kids)...
  2. Tracker

    Assignment #106 - Friends (ASSIGNMENT)

    Use this thread for posting your comments, and/or current/prior work for Assignment #106 - Friends. Friends. That's what TWT is about, right--friends, buddies with a common bond hanging out at the virtual watering hole swapping stories, lies, **** lies, victories and tribulations. The challenge...
  3. pedz

    Media Access to Moto GP

    Hi Gang, I'm a fairly serious amateur photographer. I'm wanting to go to the upcoming Moto GP event in Austin as a media person. I'm wondering if there is anyone on these boards that has or is a media outlet that would be looking for pictures from this event and be willing to sponsor me...
  4. Tracker

    Gadget report: Zeikos remote shutter trigger

    I wanted a remote shutter trigger for my Nikon D90 (the IR trigger requires line of sight to the front left face of the camera) and thanks to M38A1, I found one of these new for it on Amazon for $9.19 including shipping from "Angel Seller". Zeikos ZE-MCDC2 Ordered Sunday, received it on Friday...
  5. skiphunt

    Hoping to head out WEST soon!

    On my next trip that I hope to embark on soon, I’m going to try something different. I’m going to utilize social media more as I progress through a pathless motorcycle journey. Taking tips and suggestions along the way, posting images, writing, digital downloads, etc. Some will be for sale and...
  6. Tracker

    Art Contest deadline May 1

    sorry, sometimes the synapses don't always cross-fire. Should have posted sooner. If you're interested, there's an art contest hosted by Chase Oaks Church in Plano. Basics. 1, $30 entry, cash and prizes over $1000 2, JPGs of your photos or photo/JPG of other art works by end of day, May 1 via...

    Immediate need - mc casting call

    I have a photo session scheduled for tomorrow (Tuesday, Nov 10th) downtown Austin from 4 - 7 pm. Originally, the shoot was with a 62 Honda CB 77 Super Hawk, but the owner will now be out of town on business. The shoot would normally be rescheduled, however, I have a model (as in woman) already...

    Hello from Pf

    Hello Riders! Learned of this site last month while attending the Harvest Classic in Luckenbach so I thought I'd join and see what was up with everyone! Been riding about 10 years. Started riding on a silver 150cc Vespa. Made the scary 1000cc leap to a BMW R bike, and have since owned 4...
  9. Tracker

    Photo Assignment #06: Unaltered RED Entry Here

    Please read and adhere to the following. This contest has a special restriction. Rule #8 is suspended for this contest. The challenge is to photographically capture RED, whatever RED means to you. Also, for this contest, NO cropping or post-shot processing is allowed, other than to size the...