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  1. Z

    1974 Honda CB750 project with my daughter

    I thought I’d share a project that my daughter and I worked on starting in the fall of 2015. Daughter was 10 when we started and is currently 12. I really enjoyed the time together working on it with her. We have discovered dirt bike riding, which we are really enjoy doing together. Anyway –...
  2. c0rn_d0g

    72 DT250 kind-of restore.

    What seems like years ago was actually March or April. Gravel Guy was selling his DT250 and I got to it first. I'm a fan of projects and old 2-strokes so this one was perfect. It was mostly complete, partially disassembled, and potentially only needed a clutch push rod. Over the past few...
  3. Krak-A-Pat


    Does anyone know much about boring? I'm building a cafe racer. It's my first build of anything with a motor, So I dont know much and could use the help where ever I can get it. I just recently purchased a '76 cb550F Super sport engine. I want to beef the little guy up some and I'am thinking...