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  1. J

    Back in SA - Let's Ride!

    Just got back from Motorbike Mecca - aka Vietnam. Trying to get some miles in again in the States and maybe some longer rides (perhaps out to Daytona for bike week?). I've only been riding motorcycles about 3 years and already ridden in 6 countries on 3 continents. Need to be doing a lot more...
  2. Moto Gal

    Music Festival Destination - dedicated moto parking - May 21

    Great destination for your group or individual ride on Saturday, May 21st. Dedicated parking reserved for motorcycles. Music and Food Festival This is the 4th year for the Curefest All Day Music FestivaL featuring 21 bands on two stages, food trucks, car and motorcycle show, silent and live...
  3. Wing Woman

    Habitat for Mish Mish

    Ok folks, it's time for us to come together as a group to help one of our own. We are having a work day on Saturday, April 11th to help Michelle (Mish Mish) renovate her house. She has been a member of this forum since 2008 and she needs our help. If you can help even for a small part of the...
  4. SuperBlue

    Newbie Itch'n to Ride in North Texas

    Moved from Michigan and I am enjoying the longer riding season in Texas. :rider: Started commuting to work on a Shadow 750 but traded that in on a VTX 1800R Bagger so I could carry more stuff for work. Now I want to start touring and see more of the "real" Texas (not just more biker rallies...