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san antonio

  1. D


    Thinking about doing a 685 kit on an 07 KLR650. Looking for a good shop to do the machining, im out of San Antonio, but would drive to Houston, Austin, even Dallas if necessary. I don't exactly trust the postal service with my cylinder. Also I do not believe the KLR has a Nikasil coating, can...
  2. jwaller

    Black Friday ride "around" San Antonio?

    Anyone up for a Black Friday ride? I told my wife I was going to ride around town on Friday. This is what I meant: I will be arriving at the Buc-Ees in New Braunfels at 6:00 am and leaving at 6:30 am if anyone is interested in coming along. It looks like 30%-50% of the ride will be dirt roads...
  3. crchristo

    San Antonio Fork Seal Replacement recommendation or assistance

    Can someone recommend somewhere that I can get my fork seals on my KTM 450 EXC replaced in San Antonio? I need someone reliable who will do it without bending me over the barrel financially. That rules out the dealerships around here. I'm very open to learning how to do it myself if someone...
  4. crchristo

    San Antonio Lurker

    Hello all! I've been lurking here off and on for quite some time now. Gained a huge amount of knowledge being somewhat new to the dual-sport life. Because of geography, I find myself on the pavement much more than the dirt, but I've grown to really enjoy the bumpy stuff better. For my pavement...

    New Guy San Antonio

    Hi, My name is Courtney. I ride trails in San Antonio and surrounding areas (Medina, Atascosa etc). I'm 36, Married w 4 kids and I own an It Support Company (to support my new-found riding addiction) since 1999 called Asap Computer Services (shameless plug to follow)...
  6. andyc740

    Overnight Bike Parking in Downtown San Antonio - Yuck!

    I spent the night in San Antonio last night at one of the downtown hotels, keeping my wife company as she was there for a conference starting this morning. Looking for a place to park the bike for the night, it seemed there were no options to paying the extortionate rates charged to the cagers...
  7. J

    Austin/San Antonio ride

    I live in DFW and have a R1200GS and have to be in San Antonio next Thursday but will have 4 days off and was looking for some good routes in the Austin general area to ride... dirt, paved, doesn't matter... the idea is to put miles on my bike... I've done the Hill Country a bunch of times so...
  8. T

    Pics from the San Antonio Bike Show. (Recommend broadband only!)

    Ok, not the best pics - but for those of you who were afraid you missed something spectacular - don't worry. ;-) Some Q Link bikes and scooters Hyosung sportbikes (and one cruiser over to the right - Execs at Hyosung must think their bikes aren't selling well in the US - this is the...