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texas mile

  1. andyc740

    Texas Mile coming! Oct 24-26

    The Texas Mile is coming up fast, Oct 24-26 at Chase Field in Beeville. http://www.texasmile.net Here's a few pics from the last one: See you there! I'll be the volunteer in the red hat.
  2. andyc740

    Texas Mile March 2014 Picture Dump

    Spent the weekend at the Texas Mile when it ran in Kingsville. CMA was on hand once again volunteering at the event. Friday and Saturday, entrants were running against a headwind, holding their speeds down. Sunday turned into a rainout, just enough precipitation to prevent participation...
  3. andyc740

    Texas Mile 3/21-23/2014! Beeville, TX

    Hi all, The Texas Mile is coming up in two weeks! Admission is $20 for the weekend. It may be difficult to find a hotel in town, but Corpus is within commuting distance (about 60 miles). The Mile is at Chase field, a couple miles east of town on 202. Valerie Thompson did 212 on her BMW...
  4. andyc740

    Texas Mile, March 2012 - Chills, thrills and spills

    Warning: photos of exotic cars and fast motorcycles may cause blurred vision, excessive sweating, shortness of breath and high blood pressure. Proceed at your own risk. I spent last weekend at the Texas Mile, a top-speed, standing mile shootout held twice a year at Chase Field, Beeville. The...
  5. andyc740

    Fast Times at the Texas Mile!

    Friday, Oct 22, 2010, the Texas Mile weekend was finally here again! The CMA has been volunteering at the Texas Mile for the past three years and I always thoroughly enjoy the weekends. It was a nice, cool, 95-mile ride from my house to the Goliad County Airpark, north of Berclair, where the...