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  1. T

    Tire Stripper - The last one ever made - Austin Tx

    I have a Tire Stripper made by Mark Patterson who went out of business around 2012 or so. I have the complete machine including the receiver mount (to use your vehicle tow receiver) along with the concrete anchors I never opened. The machine was used to change 6 or so tires. Originally, I...
  2. TXHillbilly

    Swapped tire for practice. Bead break pains.

    Tried to renew my registration yesterday, but the bike failed inspection due to the back tire wear. I got a new tire for Christmas and planned to install it after squeezing all the life out of my stock trailwing. When I got home I attempted to change the tire myself mostly to prepare for an...
  3. Striple

    Pirelli & Bridgestone Track Tires for Sale

    Bridgestone tires: 1) 1 x rear Bridgestone R10 (DOT), 180/55/17, Type 2 (soft compound). 2) 2 x front Bridgestone R10 (DOT), 120/70/17, Type 3 (medium compound). Pirelli tires: 1) 1 x rear Pirelli Diablo Superbike (slick), 200/60/17, SC2 (medium compound). *fits most stock supersport wheels* 2)...