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  1. Windsor

    V-Twin Mikuni carbs bad throttle response

    Before you say "tear it apart and clean jets and needles", I need to point out that the carbs were freshly rebuilt by "WiredGeorge" down by San Antonio. Hello, I'm an old member, coming back into the fold, "last visited 3 May 2011" up in the corner right now. Been ... *ahem* "busy" the past...
  2. rearview

    FS 2002 Honda Superhawk VTR1000

    Well, I don't need two motorcycles, so I'm selling the Superhawk. My wife actually bought this back in 2005 and it didn't get ridden much once family got in the way. I've been taking it out to rotate the tires, so to speak, several times a year, but I'm just not putting many miles on it. It...
  3. Scubabob

    2005 Honda VTR1000 Super Hawk For Sale!

    Howdy... finally time to part with the beloved Super Hawk. I'm officially out of the sport bike phase and truck transmission repairs make this the right time! 2005 VTR 1000 Super hawk. A Honda 996 cc v twin in a sport bike. Jardine exhaust with proper jetting. Lots of power, great tone...