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  1. Viethorse

    ::: Dalat, Vietnam - Really nice place to ride

    It's Tet holiday (lunar new year holiday) so we have about one week off, we went to Dalat for some days. Dalat is highland city, it's approx 300km from Hochiminh City, at North Eastern of Vietnam. There are many mountains, covered by flowers, strawberry, vegetable farms, pine trees etc... During...
  2. Viethorse

    ::: From rainy Cambodia to sunny Vietnam

    Quite long time I was absent from TWT. So sorry guys. Now I am back :rider: ------------------------- An afternoon, I took a bus from Hochiminh City (Vietnam) to Phnom Penh (Cambodia) as my bike was stored at Phnom Penh. We planned for a trip from PP to northern Cambodia then cross to middle...
  3. Viethorse

    ::: Vietnam - Father and son for a weekend short ride

    First trip with my son. It's just a planned short round trip - around less than 300km all-in, for two days, from HCMC to Vungtau - a seaside city. Rode from my house directly to the motorcycle shop to get his best fit jacket - sort of funny preparation huh - but it works :lol2:. Out of the...
  4. Viethorse

    ::: 4 Nation ride - Vietnam - Cambodia - Laos - Thailand

    Well, our team has done couple of trips like that, however they are all organized by a tourist company and we had all logistics and administration support. This time, we decided to go by our own. It seems really easy task for other countries, but not for those we are going to ride thru. Crazy...
  5. Viethorse

    ::: Vietnam Adventure - Chasing up the rain

    Yeah, as what you see on this topic title, my trip was done during raining season in South of Vietnam. Great experience to me, so far. :rider:
  6. Viethorse

    ::: Vietnam Adventure - not quite, but it's somehow a new begining.

    Ok guys, you may know when I was in Texas, I was riding in the middle of a GS gang, it made me angry, you know... :rofl: :lol2: Then after flying home in Vietnam, I still riding with my lovely VFR and keep thinking of getting for me a GS to enjoy all all kind of terrains in Vietnam. That's...
  7. Viethorse

    ::: Western Vietnam weekend short ride

    Howdy... I haven't put on my riding gears for quite a long time, might be since Oct2012. Hmmm that's too much! Actually I had done a quite long trip with my family by my SUV from Hochiminh City to North of Vietnam during Tet holiday (lunar new year Feb2013), the trip took me almost 3 weeks...
  8. Viethorse

    ::: PROJECT : Honda CX650 Café Racer - Made in Vietnam

    ................ Yeah, as said - And allow me to copy and paste some first parts of the progress report to here. ------------ A Cafe racer version of CX 650 to be built in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. First, I have to say that the modification is not done by myself as I don't have a big enough...