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  1. rz_racer_69

    Unicorn wanted - Rideable streetbike for under $1000

    A family friend on hard times had to sell all her bikes to make ends meet. She wants to get back into riding but has little $$$. Does anyone have a small streetbike, such as a 200 or 250 with a lower saddle height? She is 5’1”. Thanks for helping.
  2. R

    ISO/WANTED TW200/CRF250L Dual Sport commuter $1,200-$2,000

    I’m about to have a long commute for my new job and need something with better mileage than the 11mpg on Premium my Land Cruiser gets. My current divorce is keeping me from buying a new one. Looking for a pre-loved TW200/CRF250L/KLX250/ETC in the East Texas or Dallas area.
  3. TexJoe

    WANTED: Slip on Exhaust / Muffler

    TWTexans!! I have a request!:help: I am looking to purchase that slip on exhaust you have, the one laying around taking up space in your shop. You know the one that you were going to use for something but think you want to part with it after reading this post.:ponder: I have a BMW R1150R. I...
  4. Moto Gal

    Looking for later model DRZ-400

    Hi Gang, We are on the search for a fairly recent model DRZ-400s. Wondering if there might be any lurking out there for sale. I have a good friend who is now in the market for one. Needs to be in fresh ready to ride shape, with all paperwork clear and conveyable & street legal. Any additional...