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  1. VintageGW's

    GONE Fork Brace XR650L Reduced to $44.95 Shipped OBO. As new.

    Gone to EBAY
  2. yxrancher

    XR650R $3500

    Folks this is my XR - she needs a new rider. Lots of extra goodies. Ramp, Stand, tank, pipes, ignition module, arrestors, tip, helmet, trousers, britches, skivies, thongs, lingerie, garter belt, hand cuffs - wait wrong ad.........spark plug. Clean bike with the sad story of no time to ride and...
  3. kubotamiketx

    For Sale 2007 XR650L (SOLD)

    Thanks for looking, it is sold and going to a great new home! and I will send a donation to the site owner, its only fair! Ok, now that Aaron sold his XR, it should be safe for me to sell mine without too much retribution. I have found since I have the Africa Twin now I just don't feel the...
  4. copb8

    2007 Yamaha WR450F - STREET LEGAL & PLATED -- SOLD --

    *** SOLD *** This is a 2007 Yamaha WR450F that is street legal and in EXCEPTIONAL condition with no issues. This bike is currently plated, just inspected and ready to ride on the street. Here are some pictures: https://www.dropbox.com/l/vtCpeywKYwqbiVjMjbJkfs Mods listed below: Seat...
  5. S

    SOLD -- 2005 Honda XR650L Dual Sport / Adventure with Extras

    SOLD Photos here: https://goo.gl/photos/YoL5KLW26KsFbHDE7 This is a super fun bike that can handle anything you throw at it. I just rode this setup from Austin to Colorado, through windy canyon roads, over mountains, and back home. It was an absolute blast. It eats up steep inclines on rocky...
  6. C

    xr650l or wr250r

    sooo...I'm very new to DS and want some help on my next bike. I started off with a KLR650 but I want something a little more dirt worthy, nimble, lighter, etc. and I have two options. #1: 2005 XR650l with 18,000 miles for $2800. Plenty of cool stuff and a solid bike. #2: 2008 WR250R with...
  7. Ant

    Sold - 2003 XR650L w/ Extras $3000 obo

    The craigslist ad is below: http://houston.craigslist.org/mcy/4957518927.html 15k Miles :rider: 4.7 gallon Acerbis Tank (200+ Miles!!!) Tusk Hand Guards PowerBomb Header Full FMF Exhaust Hot-Cam Stage 1 - Jet Bridgestone Trail Wing TW-302 front & rear (mounted) Dunlop 606 Front & Rear...
  8. FiddyK

    SOLD 1998 Honda XR600R, dual sport, street legal, plated

    ***SOLD*** Selling my 1998 Honda XR600R, dual sport, street legal. Runs really strong, with an FMF exhaust. I recently went a little overboard on a refresh. The new parts list is below, and these items have less than 10 hours on them. It is jetted just right, starts easily and has great...
  9. tjrockit

    Request for Compatible Gears for Honda 650 Engines XR650L, NX650, FMX650, etc

    I am wanting to create a wide ratio gearing for my XR650L and trying to learn if there is a Honda OEM stock first gear from any Honda 650 engine that is compatible with the XR650L that is one tooth more than the XR650L stock 1st gear. What I'm trying to do is get the ratio to something like...
  10. XRMAN

    XRMAN: Texarkana. TX

    Hey guys, XRMAN here. New to online communities. Basically rode by my self or with a close friend or two since I was a kid. Wanting to step it up a notch in 2011. Soap, Water ... What? :eek2: