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Jul 9, 2013
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Bay Area, CA
These front brakes, while serviceable, have never been very good. I have always wondered if the master cylinder is just weak and isn't providing much pressure. I have changed rotors, pads, fluid, and though it helped didn't give me the kind of bite and feel I would like. If I commit to keeping the bike another few years I might go after the master.

I might get some input from Dale Walker @ Holeshot and see what he says. He does offer some interesting if not expensive braking goodies that I could look into as well.
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May 13, 2018
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Owner for a month of a left over 2016 Bandit 1250 in Red. Great bike for a standard. Only mods are 308 Givi tank bag and 19/42 sprockets to put speedo spot on by GPS. As to the "weak" brakes, I've owned 2 wee stroms (still have the 2012) with approx. the same front brake feel and has never been a problem for me. Suppose I've gotten used to them.
Jul 9, 2013
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Bay Area, CA
For me, it's simply because the brakes are pretty worn out I think. This bike is 7 years old now so she's going to need a little help. I refuse to get rid of her though! She's just too good a bike to let go of.

The thing that brought the brake situation to the fore front is the fact that I got a 2017 Triumph Trophy SE and my gosh those brakes are amazing! Truly one finger braking can be used on this new bike, so it really made me realize how bad off the FA's brakes are.
Apr 16, 2018
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White House to 37188
J.R. I don't know what number I am. I guess since the last number I saw was 306 I'll say 307 and I ride a red 07. As for the front brakes everybody is talking about. I put new pads on the front and they'll put you over the handlebars. I'm sure if I were a trick rider it would do stoppies. What more could you want? Mine doesn't have ABS. I wonder if having ABS could be causing people to not feel like they don't have enough front brake? Just a thought.
Feb 13, 2008
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Been a long time since I visited this thread. Keyaw, I'm still #33. Still have Suzy the Bandit and right at 90K miles on her. Been a heck of a ride.


Apr 21, 2008
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Pismo Beach CA.
Hello Achesley good to see your still kicking. I too haven't been on the thread for awhile I'm getting close to the 100k and haven't had any problems with my 07 Red Bandit. I don't commute with it anymore because I finally got the RE attached to Tired and seem to be catching up with projects that don't require travel. I did just do a 300 miler recently and must say probably the best purchase of a vehicle I've ever made, it's still a blast. They opened up PCH 1 recently so a trip to Phils in Moss Landing from Pismo Beach for some cioppino is in order. Enjoy the road.
Doug in Pismo Beach CA
Aug 9, 2018
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Here’s mine!


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Apr 19, 2009
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Rhonesboro, TX
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I ride FM1002 to work all the time. Next time your out this way hit me up, north of 154 there are some good roads heading into Winnsboro. 312 is one of my favorites,
Apr 1, 2008
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In 2009, I was #105, later sold it, but after 10 years, I bought it back this summer, the same '07 Red. So maybe I'm #105x2............? Sold with 8k+ miles, 10 years later, bought it back with only 9600 miles.


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Aug 7, 2013
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Bozeman, MT
In 2009, I was #105, later sold it, but after 10 years, I bought it back this summer, the same '07 Red. So maybe I'm #105x2............? Sold with 8k+ miles, 10 years later, bought it back with only 9600 miles.

You bought back the specific motorcycle that you sold? That's pretty cool.

Dave Kelsen
Most of us go to our grave with our music still inside of us.
Apr 1, 2008
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last posted in July 2019. found this searching for his site: "Hi, I'm Scott Brown and I am the owner, designer, and fabricator here at MetrickMetal Custom Motorcycle Parts. I've had a great time with my custom motorcycle parts business that I started in 2009, but it's coming to an end, as it's time to start relaxing and riding my motorcycles and enjoying the rest of my life to the fullest."
Feb 11, 2020
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Just purchased my bike and fell in love with it. Left a Yamaha Bolt behind with 13k miles. A friend let me ride his Fat Boy Ninja and fell in love so converted to a Sports Touring guy now. So adding to the list:

01---PhilS 2007 RED - Central Ohio, USA
02---Willie 2007 "Black" #29 - N. Idaho
03---Mark - 2007 RED
04---David - downunder
05---Richard - 2007 Red
06---Greg - 2007 Black
07---David G. (FJR Bandit) '07 Black
08---David - 2008 1250SA in Silver
09---Damo, Silver ABS model of 2008
10---Ken 2007
11---Wally 2007 RED
12---Steve- Red 2007
13---Gerry blue 08
14---Brent- 2007 Red 1250
15---whitesands 2008 silver 1250
16---Red 2007 George
17---François (Windman) Black 2007 S ABS
18---Graubart (Bill) Black 2007
19---Agostino (Ago) Canadian Silver 2008
20---treybrad - 2007 Blue 1250SA
21---bikeit71 2008 Black ABS
22---gnny8698(David) 2007 Red 1250S
23---mike-07 black 1250s(PC3,17t,healtech,yoshi pipe,bald rear tire)
24---anbark22 (Andrew) 2008 Silver 1250S
25---Chase 2008 Silver 1250S
26---Frito Bandito (Tom) '08 Black ABS
27---toolmaker91 (Tim) '07 Red 1250S
28---David 2008 Blue
29---Mark Blue 2007
30---Scott/MetrickMetal Custom 2007 Sonoma Red 1250S
31---Mark 2007 1250S Red with lowers
32---Pat (Fittysom'n) 2008 Black 'fitty w/ABS
33---Andy Chesley Jennings,La. '07 Red
34---Dink (Duncan) Red '07 Australia
35---Kevin- Blue 2007
36---Roy Mississippi
37---buck -blue -07
38---07 Black (the fast ones) KY Geezeer
39---bandit1911 David -Red 2007
40---GregH 2007 Fast Black
41---Brad aka Indy Bandit, soon to be faster 2007 in red
42---Richard Gray '08 (Ontario, Canada)
43---CBR (Clyde) '08 Gray 1250S
44---terry 07 red
45---BobP Black 2007
46---Rcdd 07 in black
47---dwoodul 2007 black
48---Brass 2007 Black 1250S
49---TAPnTx 2008 Silver Todd
50---Ga-Bandit Fast Black 2008 1250 SA with ABS (Atlanta, GA)
51---Davo Silver ABS 2008 (Vic Australia)
52---Troy 2008 ABS Black
53---Mitral 2007 Black
54---Ken 2007 ABS Blue
55---Axel 2007 Black
56---Sproggy - 2007 Black, ABS
57---eezyrida - 2007 Black, ABS
58---Scott - black 2008 Bandit 1250S ABS
59---RDKR 350 - Silver 2008 - 1250S
60---CheesyRider 2007 Red
61---SoCalBandit Jerry 2007 Red
62---Fog 2007 Black 1250SA
63---Ben 2008 Blue 1250SA
64---alister 2008 silver abs
65---cruiser 07 Red
66---danceswithcages 07 Red (was wrecked on Ebay)
67---brodjans 08 black 1250SA
68---zaphabone 07 Red 1250S - Los Angeles, CA
69---rworm 07 black 1250
70---mtntrax 08 black ABS
71---honda pc 08 black ABS, Ontario, CA
72---f6rider "Howard" 2007 Black Havana Florida
73---AK Addict "Steve" 2007 ABS Blue Upstate NY
74---streak07, red 07
75---DRW (Doug) 2007 Red
76---Terizius Red 2007
77---JMBJ 08 Black ABS
78---1250Pete 08 Blue
79---Cherry1. Sydney, Australia
80---tristan.duff, 08 Black ABS
81---Sergeant D-USAF, 08 Black ABS, bags, lowers, touring screen
82---Ron B 2007 1250S 3200 miles
83---Gadget 08 "The Black Pearl", ABS, hacked ECU
84---boxter4ever Richard Franklin 2007 Black
85---Shotrod 08 in Blue Lakeland, FL
86---Thunderbolt 08 ABS Black, Bedford, TX
87---MCRyder '08 1250SA
88---Tmurrayis in Surrey, BC '08 1250 SA
89---Mat@staffs (UK) '08 Black 1250 SA (Micron can)
90---saucisse 2008 1250 SEA ABS
91---twist - Ken 2007 - black
92---IBEW - Mike 2008 Black ABS
93---houndawg - dawg 2007 Blue
94---yeti575 '07 Blue ABS, So. Maine
95---Brian - '09 'Candy' Blue ' 1250SA (Akrapovic can, PCIII, GIPro+ATRE, Healtech)
96---Shrek -'08 Black ABS Midlothian TX
97---2007 Black 1250 ABS Joe Windsor Ontario
98---2009 Blue 1250 ABS Stretch (Troy) Tucson AZ
99---Jeremy, 2007 Black 1250s, from Texas (Miller Creek)
100--A1A 2007 red 1250S Richard
101--2009 Blue 1250 SA, Vancouver, Canada
102--Jack - 2007 Red 1250 Santa Rosa Ca.
103--2008 Grey 1250s Thessaloniki, Greece
104--2008 Black 1250 Nowra NSW Australia.
105--Ravishing racer RED '07 Don NW Ohio
106--07 Black 1250s NE Ohio
107--08 Red Alvin, Tx. Jerry P.
108--07 black 27 757 km on the clock Doug D Calgary, Canada
109--08 sexy silver, yoshi, givis, Chan-man Gaffney SC
110--UK, 07 1250s, Black, in the middle of mods!
111--2007 1250 bandit (RED) Suzukiman, Tim, Mexico,Mo
112--Silversmoke - 2009 1250S, Blue
113--dmdbit(mike) 08 black
114--LeBandit 2008 1250S, Silver, Montréal, QC
115--SK-Bandit 08 B1250, Silver, Canada
116--Down Under, 07 B1250S, red, Australia
117--Tantrum - 2008 1250SEA Silver, Montréal QC
118--Bigskyrider - 2008 Bandit ABS - black of course - riding Montana, USA
119--johndio - 2007 Bandit - black - South east PA
120--eded922 -2007 B1250, Red, northern Illinois
121--Paul 2007 SA ABS Dirty Black, 17800 miles, UK
122--Yamadavidson- 07 1250 red- Temecula CA
123--Atonic - 07 1250 ABS Blue - Wilmington, OH
124--Dekenai - 08 1250 ABS Silver - Canberra, Australia
125--Spincycle - 08 1250 Silver - Eugene, OR
126--automatik 09 1250s blue - Provo, UT
127--BanditLou - 2007 GSF1250 Bandit - Red - Mo.
128--Bottomfeeder - 2007 Bandit Red - Trabuco Canyon, Ca
129--CordovaNate - 2007 Bandit - Black - Memphis, TN
130--BanditAL- 2009 Bandit SEA - Black - Newmarket, Ontario, Canada.
131--Sloth_27 - 2009 Bandit 1250 Naked - Blue - Sydney, Australia
132--Rockmantex -07 1250 Red -Bryan, Tx.
133--mcbury - 07 1250 Red - Lafayette, Ca
134--southtexasbandit-07 red Portland, tx
135--BikePilot - 2007 Blue 1250S - location TBA.
136--Kewwig - 2008 GSF1250SAK8 - Wellington, New Zealand
137--Smoky - 07 1250 ABS Blue - Winnetka, CA (Los Angeles area)
138--Highwayman- '07 Red 1250- Chula, Jawja
139--Blchandl2 - '09 Blue 1250 - Kokomo, IN
140--Erda - 09 1250SEA Alberta Canada
141--Gofast28012 - 2008 1250 Bandit North Carolina
142--Indianjoe-08 1250-Blue (w/dead bug accents..) Portland Oregon
143--Leedude03 08 1250 GT black. UK Derbyshire
144--fiddler 08 1250GT BLACK Oxfordshire UK
145--GtDex 09 1250 GT Black, Norfolk, UK
146--Darryn - 07 1250SA K7 Black - Waikanae, New Zealand
147--Anthep - 07 1250S Black, UK
148--Sandman 53 Black 2008 Bandit w/ABS Central Idaho
149--s919rider - 09 Blue Bandit 1250S, San Diego County, USA
150--Scubadvr - 07 Red Bandit 1250S, St. Louis, MO, USA
151--afweinie - 07 Black Bandit 1250S, Nevada, USA
152--JoelATX - 2008 Bandit, Austin TX
153--HalflifeA52 - 2009 Bandit "Mean Black" Watchung, NJ
154--Wilhelm Schnotz - 09 Bandit ABS, Black, Marion, IA
155--Hoonboyz 2010 Metallic Grey 1250SA, Gold Coast Australia
156--Dinghyman 2007 Red Bandit 1250s, Portland, OR USA
157--ReDdOg 07 Silver 1250SA; Allanson, Western Australia
158--Linusje 2009 Black 1250 GT , Veurne , Belgium
159--Suz1k3 - 09 Black 1250 SEA ,Ontario,Canada
160--Leftybandit - 07 red 1250s, Missouri, USA
161--Johnpom - 07 1250 Red ABS, Hamilton, New Zealand
162--Bama67- 07 1250S in Faster Red, South Alabama
163--Digem54- 08 1250S Silver,Maryland,USA
164--Chip N Seal - 09 1250 Black ABS, San Angelo, TX, USA
165--Ozbandit1250- 07 1250sa silver ABS, Broken Hill, NSW, Australia
166--stephanl - 08 Blue 1250S Bandit, Fort Worth, Texas
167--Bandit Ron - 07 Black 1250S, Laguna Hills Ca
168--kassf2-07 red 1250S Bandit FM 616,Tx
169--buelllord - 08 Silver 1250s, Perth, Australia
170--Moggieman - 09 Blue 1250 sa, Gold Coast, Australia
171--KITESURFER-07 Blue 1250, Jacksonville Fla
172--David_Thompson - 07 blue 1250sa, Raleigh NC
173--Grantsstuff - 07 black 1250sa, Edmonton AB Canada
174--PR_Portugal - 08 Black 1250 SA, Lisbon, Portugal
175--wanrep(Kurt) - 08 Silver 1250 - Harrisburg, MO
176--xtjm - 08 Silver 1250SA - Barcelona, Spain
177--Mark 2009 GT Blue
178--Pam 2007 1250S Blue, Queens, NY
179--Barry - 2007 1250S Red (with sidecar), Canberra, Australia
180--Volt 2008 1250SA Black Overland Park (Kansas City) Kansas
181--Andru 2009 1250s blue new braunfels, tx
182--MIELITO4U 2008 1250ABS black, Davie, fl
183--John's 2008 1250S Black Seattle, WA
184--lmb1948 09 Blue Bandit ABS, Camp Hill PA USA
185--Russ_UK 2009 Black Bandit 1250 Streetfighter (Manchester England)
186--Bradleycougar - '07 Red 1250 FA Factory Fairing, Lilburn GA
187--Flange 07 naked. Graphite Blue.UK
188--demenshea 07 Red 1250S, Sierra Nevada Range
189--BlueStreak II, 07 Blue 1250SA, Fairfax, VA
190--DanPorges, 09 Black 1250SA, Boston, MA
191--Stretch, 07 Grey 1250S, Sydney, AUS
192--ed95206, 09 Black 1250SA, Stockton, CA
193--AndyB1250 07, Graphite Blue 1250SA, Somerset, UK
194--Hamie, 07 Red 1250S (Purchased from forum member AlgoaTX)
195--Soupskin, 07 Red 1250S, Lilburn, GA
196--Lanone, 08 Black 1250SA, Essex UK
197--STeelyBeast, 07 Black 1250S, Suwanee, GA
198--Kris, 2009 Blue 1250S, Augusta, GA
199--Erik, 09 Black 1250s, Mesa, AZ
200--Goose, 08 Blue 1250S, Brighton, East Sussex, UK
201--TwinkietheKid (Steve), 08 1250SA, Longwood, FL Sold
202--Motocycologist (Steve), 2010 Naked Bandit ABS, 1250A, Sydney Australia
203--Dilroy, 07 Red 1250S, Overland Park, KS
204--Flak, 09 Blue 1250S, NJ
205--Dave, 2009 1250 - Victoria, B.C.
206--Brex -Jay 2009 Blue ABS - Austin TX
207--Scott, 2008 Black 1250SA - Indian Trail, NC
208--Zach, 07 Blue 1250SA - Fayetteville, NC
209--Arno, 08 Blue 1250 SA ABS - Amsterdam, Nederland
210--Moto2wheelin, 2009 1250 Blue-Carrollton, GA
211--Tazman2, 2009 Blue 1250 - Hartford, CT
212--Kosmo, 2009 Blue 1250 - Daytona Beach Fl
213--llcarr78, 2009 Blue 1250 - Cedar Rapids, IA
214--Cloggy, 2008 Blue 1250 ABS, Wainuiomata, New Zealand
215--Mick, 2009 Black 1250 ABS, Houston, TX
216--Captain Moron, 2010 1250 SA, Australia
217--Stonecali, 2011 1250 FA Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
218--Larry, 2008 Silver 1250S- Knoxville TN
219--Danny, 2008 Blue 1250SA ABS - Genk Belgium
220--hd2dmax, 2011 Black GSX1250FA - N. VA.
221--Aznim, 2008 Blue 1250S - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
222--Tony 2009 Blue 1250S Vancleave MS
223--AZdabear 2007 Black 1250S Mesa, AZ
224--Caferacer72, 2009 Blue 1250S ABS- Fords, NJ
225--René Alexander 1250 sa Black - Netherlands
226--scrivens (Dave), 2007 Red 1250S - South Australia
227--1CAMWNDR (Mike). 2008 Silver 1250 converted to naked - North Florida
228--banditcoastie1250 07 bandit1250s red- destin, fl
229--HobbyMachinist 2011 GSX1250FA - Mobile, Al
230--DannyL-2010 GSF1250S - Cape Town - South Africa
231--Simon (riffer) 2008 GSF1250S - Upper Hutt - New Zealand
232--Dasminkar 2007 Red GSF1250S - North Carolina
233--SZUKI0 '09 BLACK Wasco, Il.
234--JOOLSB '07 GSF1250SA, Black - Manchester, England
235--Cruisinnc '07 GSF1250S - black - North Carolina
236--ColdFerret '08 GSF1250SEA - Silver - Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada
237--NZRaz 2012 GSF1250SA - Dark Silver - Taranaki - New Zealand
238--Alton - Dark Blue - St Louis, Illinois, USA
239- Buellboy-now riding 2011 GSX1250FA- Montgomery, Texas, USA
240--Suzukisan, 08' GSF1250S Black, Houston, TX, USA
241--HouTexBandit, '07 GSF1250SA, Blue, Pasadena, TX, USA
242--jdthaw "Jeff" 2007 1250S, Tampa, FL, USA
243--Ripken '08 Gray 1250S, Denver, CO, USA
244--Broncsrule21 07' 1250s Candy Sonoma, Lakewood, CO, USA
245--Martin3175 ..2009 Black Bandit S .. Westminster MD USA
246--Yogi 1250. 1250SA K8, ABS removed, converted to naked, Lancashire, UK
247--El Bandito 2007 Bandit 1250S, Ormond Beach, Fla
248--motohead - Dark Blue '07 1250SA, Cabool, MO, USA
249--Incredulous - Dark Blue '07 1250SA, Sacramento, CA, USA
250--AZBandito- Blue 09 1250S, Cottonwood, AZ
251--CWG-Black 07 1250S, Providence, RI
252--Suu Kyi - Silver/Grey 09 1250 Bandit SA - Willetton Western Australia
253--Rockitcity - 2007 Bandit 1250S Candy Sonoma Red. Northrdge, CA, USA
254--Streetfigher - 2007 Bandit 1250s Black, New York
255--derbed - 2005 Bandit 1200S, Blue/White, Newport Beach, Ca
256--empire1012 - 2007 Bandit 1250S, Black, Kailua Kona, HI
257--Tree - 2007 Bandit 1250S, Black, New Hampshire
258--mortc130, 2009 Bandit 1250S, Blue, Abilene, TX
259--walt2896, 2008 Bandit 1250 SEA, Silver, Ontario Canada
260--perryd80, 2008 Bandit 1250, blue, lake st. louis mo
261--pacodog, 2007 1250S, Sonoma red, Jefferson City MO
262--SactoPat, 2011 1250FA, Black, Sacto, CA
263--c2c4c (Evan), 2007 Bandit 1250S, Sonoma Red, Charlotte, NC
264--Lylesvegas, 2009 bandit 1250s, Knoxville, Tennessee
265--Portishead , 2008 Bandit 1250s , Athens , Greece
266--cmaridersa, silver 2008 Bandit 1250s, Hondo, TX
267--goofyrider52, red 2007 Bandit 1250s, Boise, Id
268--Footdragger gray 2008 Bandit 1250S Chico CA.
269--Kelsen, grey 2008 Bandit 1250S, Springfield, MO
270--Scottyjohn blue 2007 Bandit 1250SA, UK
271--Stormiezzz Graphite Blue 2007 1250s, Cape Town, South Africa
272--Tundra Dweller, Black 2008 1250SA - Minneapolis MN
273--zone 2007 candy red 1250s Shelton,Canadian Tire
274--blamecanada, Blue 2009 Bandit 1250 ABS East Koots, BC Canada
275--RaptorFA, Black 2011 GSX1250FA, Bay Area CA
276--10/10ths, Black 2011 GSX1250FA, the Louisiana swamps
277--Thecat, blue 2007 1250sa, wairarapa, NZ
278--oconnor, Blue 2008 1250N, IA
279--disconnect, Black 2007 1250SA, Moscow, Russia
280--ywgbandit, grey 2008, 1250S, Creston, BC, Canada
281--wotblake, Blue 2008, 1250s, Chicago, IL
282--adekeys,White 2009, 1250SA 'Z' Kent UK
283--POPS2000, Blue 2007, 1250SA, Rockford, IL
284--SVDon, Black 2011 GSX1250FA, Smith, Nevada, USA
285--Attax, Black 2012 GSX1250FA, Epirus, Greece
286--teday Black 2011 GSX1250FA, San Jose , Ca.
287--Kevin (Swagfu) 2011 GSX1250FA Deland, Fl
288--cmaridersa Silver 2008 1250S w/TX Ranger sidecar, San Antonio,
289--rholloway Black 2011 GSX1250FA Vermont
290--ironMANos® 2008 GSF1250S ABS Gray Piraeus-Greece
291--GSXish Black 2011 GSX1250FA Austin, TX USA
292--FTL900, silver 2001 GSF1200 Las Vegas NV USA
292--WV1250FA, 2011 GSX1250FA, black, Clarksburg WV, state with the best motorcycle roads in the country.
293--Schnellbandit, 2009 Blue GSF1250SA with lowers. Petaluma, Ca.
295--cWj, 2009 Blue Lincoln Parish, LA
296--BRCOL, 2007 GSX1250s Black. Britt, IA
297--PeaBrain, 2016 GSF1250S, Candy Daring Red, Gettysburg, Pa.
298--RobG., 2016 GSF1250SA, Black, Missouri City, TX
299--aschem, 2016 GSF1250SA, Black, Pocatello, ID
300--Neroneuman, 2007 1250S, Black, Bay Area, CA
301--B-ManFX4, 2016 GSF1250SA ABS, Candy Daring Red, HealTech Speedo-Healer, HealTech GPIPro ATRE, Eastern TN.
302--Sheriff...2007 Bandit 1250S Wendell, NC
303--Blicharski1989, 2011 GSX1250FA, Black, Marana, AZ
304--boxxer06, 2009 1250, Avella PA
305--mcbacon, 2011 1250FA, black, Dallas TX
306--H82LOSE, 2007 1250s Black NAKED, Madison Mississippi
307--JPeek, 2011 GSX1250FA, Black, Bucyrus, Ohio!!
308--2016 Bandit 1250S. Up in the woods, Catskill Mountain region NY.
309--Jeremy Kelley - 07 red - 22k miles - Close to Gilmer, Tx
310--Balowknee - 2016 GSF1250SA, Black, Queens, NY
Dec 4, 2017
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Kinda of late to the party but I bought a 2007 with 37k on the clock for $1300.00. Brought it home and removed the tank and installed new pump and filter, new chain and sprockets, changed oil, and installed a new rear tire. I could not believe the torque these things put out. Most fun I. Have ever had on a bike.

There were some dents in the tank so while it was off I had them removed and all fairings painted for a cost of $300.00. I ended up for a great bike for about 1800.00. Couldn’t be more happy for a 70 year old.


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Mar 24, 2020
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United States
I bought a 2016 with just 3k miles on her. Found Dale Walker‘s Holeshot website and been modifying the bike. Bike now is much more exciting and enjoyable to ride. Can’t believe the difference. Anyway, here is a picture of her.


  • 2E2060CD-8835-4B6E-BDF3-E77426297864.jpeg
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Feb 11, 2020
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I bought a 2016 with just 3k miles on her. Found Dale Walker‘s Holeshot website and been modifying the bike. Bike now is much more exciting and enjoyable to ride. Can’t believe the difference. Anyway, here is a picture of her.
Wow, 3k miles. What a catch! Bought mine with 5.5k miles on it and thought that was a steal!


Jul 15, 2020
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South East USA
I found mine with 4500 miles, I am close to 10000 now...I use it for weekend rides mostly. I did the Stage 1 with a Delkevic Slip-On. It made a noticeable improvement on the ride. My last 4 bikes were FZ1 first generation...before that a Busa and before that several Hondas. Finally I got tired of messing with carbs! And I like the ABS....now, after I got use to it.
I like this baby, great torque.....but I still miss the high revvs rush of the FZ at times.