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Apr 23, 2012
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I dig it. 1,285 miles in just a little over a month of owning it. It is a lot more capable than it initially appears to be.

I used this to build my route:

Kind of a funny story. I was alone, but there was a line at the big James River crossing. Lots of trucks and such. I guess that's normal, maybe.

When I pulled up, a couple of them rolled down their windows and were telling me, "I wouldn't go through there if I were you, it is slick. I've seen bikes fall down." And then another one would come through and say don't do it. I was thinking of turning around when I pulled up, but they more they said that, the more I wanted to do it.

I had my waterproof boots and pants on, so I parked the bike and walked out there. That's the picture above with my bike on shore. I took it from the middle of the river. They were right, where they were driving, it was slick. But off to the side, it got a little deeper and the slick algae didn't seem to form as much out there. So I picked a line a little deeper in the river and followed that.

I figured if I fell and couldn't get it back up, another truck would be along shortly. But what I didn't realize was a truck parked on the far side to watch my attempt. Unknown to me, they were taking my picture as I was crossing the river. When I came out the other side, they cheered. They came up to me and said they stayed to see if I made it across. Then they told me about the pictures and asked if I wanted them to send the pics to me. They did. Pretty nice of them, imo.

I was surprised by the amount of mud on this route. It has been really dry around here the last couple of months. Last weekend we rode West of San Antonio and East of New Braunfels and it was really dusty.

Then we got a couple of days of rain last week, but I assumed it would soak in and dry up fast by the weekend, but I was wrong. There were some deep muddy spots along this route. Some where I would have normally turned around, but luckily, it is a frequently traveled route for 4WD drive vehicles and there were some ahead of me apparently. They had gone through the muddy spots already and had packed down some firm two track ruts for me. As long as I could stay in the rut, I was fine. All the single track riding I did last year paid off in those moments.

But I could see with just a little more rain, this route could become a muddy headache for motorcycles pretty quickly.
When you say you went to the side you went along the deeper right hand (up river) side?