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Thanks for the ride! Great time.


Next time y'all venture out to my area I would like to meet up. I was busy today picking up a bigger toy hauler than the one we have had. Did y'all get to go into the brewery ? I can remember sampling free shiner beer there back in 11th grade. LOL

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Enjoyed the ride and meeting the group.
Lot’s of loose gravel! Good to get more saddle time in that stuff. Still super careful and s_l_o_w on the 90degree+ turns in loose gravel. I know ya’ll had to wait on me some but I did break my personal best speed for off pavement! (Don’t ask)
Did not enjoy the 90 miles home on high speed slab into that north wind on the DRZ w/out a windscreen!
I look forward to the next one.
I was thinking after the ride. That last section of this route is like a trackday for sharp 90 degree turns in loose gravel.

They seem constant and gives lots of attempts to try different techniques. I gained some confidence in those corners as well during this ride.

I was thinking next time, we could run it backwards, so the ride gets a little easier (and more scenic) as it goes on. Might be better with fatigue and such.
Funny you mentioned this! I was just watching the videos of the ride and thinking the exact same thing! I was thinking that it would be good to return there with some experts like yourself and do some drills about sharp turns on gravel and dirt. We could do a few runs back and forth on several of those corners as they are each a bit different. I would love to get some help and some practice without worrying about catching up with the group!
Anybody that has weekdays off interested in riding tomorrow? I'm thinking about riding some of the dirt roads in the Stockdale/Nixon area.
I like to ride the road you have marked 85. 70 - 30 is pretty cool also .
Some stuff came up around the house. I'm going to have to skip today.

But we can run this route sometime soon.
No problem. I like how you have these routes plotted on a map. Are you using a phone app to do this?
[emoji897] I have a bike again -- CB500X, mostly stock, so pretty much limited to street only and maybe a little bit of easy dirt.

I'd be open for a little ride this weekend, either Saturday or Sunday. Weather's looking good. Ergos are still giving me trouble so thinking max of 200 miles or so.