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2007 Bandit 1250S running on the 1250AK7 ECU -WORKS!!!

Jul 16, 2018
Cypress, Texas
I wanted to share this with everyone, just on the extremely off chance that someone else was wondering if ECUs with slightly different numbers would work in their 1250S.

I bought an ECU from England and only after it was shipped did I realize I had pulled the ECU part no. from a pdf for the 1250AK7. The ECU I purchased has the part no. of 32920-18H00, but the actual part no. I should have gotten to replace the factory on my 1250S is 32920-18H20.

After 2 weeks of waiting anxiously, I plugged it in and it is working quite nicely!

Ended up saving $50 bucks, instead of losing $100! SCORE!