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2009 End-of-Year Pie Run Planning 12/26

Jan 14, 2005
Arlington, Texas
Well, this will disappoint some, but before too many people ask about it, I think that this year's EOYPR will be more like the monthly pie runs than the overnight catered event we have had in the past. I am working out the details, but it will probably be in Bryan-College Station since it is centrally located.

Of course, if you want to plan to stay overnight and avoid the relatives, you certainly can but are on your own for arranging accomodations. This will give you more options and there should be plenty of availability.

There are several reasons for reaching this conclusion. One is the date and that will affect some folks. Another is the economy although it seems the Pie Runs are our own contribution to the economic stimulus programs. However, the main thing is that several of the regular EOYPR folks (myself included) are busier this year and haven't had time to put together slide shows, movies, or worry about arrangements.

So, I will make an official announcement soon but probably after Thanksgiving.

Also, the schedule for the 2010 Pie Runs is in the works. One firm date is the January event where we will return to Hico for the 5 year anniversary of the start of all this madness.

Feb 15, 2006
Thanks for the work and effort you put into the TWT pie runs. You have done a great job since Chris moved. :clap:

I am sure many of us are still sorting out Christmas plans and the scheduling of family gatherings. About the only thing I am committed to is enjoying time with my wife(Tina aka-sidekick).

Whatever you decide is fine by us. The day after Christmas makes this one a hard call in some ways. The truth is, more people caged it over to the EOTYPR than rode in years past. A regular PR might be just the ticket for some riders who need some quiet time after the holidays. LOL:suicide:

Whatever makes it easier for everyone would be my suggestion. We are at best a maybe for this year.

Oh, BTW, Merry Christmas Pie Run Man v2.0
Sep 9, 2005
South Texas
Chuck, I'm "IN" no matter what you decide. I will be staying the night at the hotel more than likely unless I can find some floor space at a guest house.