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2015 Uncle's Around the Bend, Desert, ADV, and Dos y Dos Challenges Mar 19 - 22 2015

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Nov 13, 2007
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Registration is closed via snail mail. Paypal will be left open, but I won't have you on any lists. After right now, tee shirt will be large or X Large, no trophies. Best to bring a check to registration on Thursday or Friday / Saturday breakfast as needed (6 - 9 AM at the Starlight Theater main and only dining room). For anyone showing up late, cost will be apportioned for remaining meals. Thanks to Everyone who registered so far! I'm shutting it down with 100 riders registered. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

March 13:

I've been quoting $70 for a non-rider to attend all food events and get a tee shirt. This applies only to plus one's with a registered rider please. Paypal unclesaroundthebend@gmail.com with a tee shirt size if possible and who they are coming with. For those tag-alongs not wanting all the meals, we'll have some sort of cash option for each meal on site, paid direct to the vendor so folks aren't inconvenienced and can come along and choose what to eat with their date.

As an example, my daughter Gabby, 17, took her first two wheeled steps on Monday with 5 miles of class 1/2 dirt and a trip to the DOM rock overlook. Way to go Gabby! She loved dinner at the Starlight, singing Foo Fighters by the campfire, hiking in RGV. BB / Terlingua is for everyone.


Recap 3/12/2015:

Well I barely escaped Big Bend. I almost became a permanent resident living in a bus in Rio Grande Village. But after 300 miles of parts and fluid gathering on a 250cc bike we got the old beast to Terlingua and up to the El Dorado. Another 2 days of occasional wrenching and intelligence gathering and we were at 50% and managed to lope back to Houston at a painful 50 MPH cruise. It only took 17 hours and we arrived at 4:30 AM last night, so here I am back at work as planned. Uuuugh.

The good news is tee shirts are being printed, trophies are being crafted, food is being prepared, Terlingua is expecting us, my bikes are left out there ready to ride, and most everything is cooking along. The desert is extremely wet, wildflowers are everywhere, whole mountainsides are covered with bluebonnets.

We have 85 confirmed and 15 tentative riders, plus tag-alongs. 32 Desert Challenge, 26 Adventure Challenge, and 17 Dos y Dos riders.

The big questions I keep seeing are

1. Mapping / gps / tracks: I will be emailing tracks tonight hopefully by Midnight. Dos Y Dos needs modifications. With the recent rains the trails are rough and on my 230F I had a difficult time with Black Gap. It took about 1:15 at advanced pace to run from Mariscal Mine up to concrete thru Black Gap. I am thinking this route will break most any Dos Y Dos competitor on Dos Y Dos specific equipment. As such, I am modifying the route for all but the most skilled and hearty to go to the mine and back via river road. Black Gap to Glen Springs should only be attempted by skilled riders, intermediate / advanced on reliable equipment.

2. Camping / lodging. There seemed to be no shortage of camping available, even this first weekend of spring break. Showers are available at multiple places in the Ghost Town vicinity for a small fee. There is plenty of dirt available in the rear lot of the host hotel, The El Dorado, AKA the High Sierra (the name of the bar in the center of the hotel).

3. Check in: We will have a table set up under the patio in front of the host hotel mid morning on Thursday. We'll have sign in sheets, wristbands for meals, stickers for challenge participants, guidebooks, tee shirts, and friendly advice, to some degree. We will man this check in station noon until Midnight so everyone has ample time to check in, eat dinner (6 - 9 fajita buffet), grab a beverage, etc.

PRE-Registration is CLOSED. Anyone registering now or later is more than welcome, and we'll take registrations up until the start of the rally, but you'll get a t-shirt in whatever size we have available, you'll be hit or miss on event trophies. Anyone paying by check should hold the check until the event, but let me know you are coming via PM.


No changes below:

Register Here! <<<CLICK HERE!

Attention Big Bend Riders: Mark the dates of March 19 - 22nd, 2015 on your calendars for the 8th annual Uncle's Around the Bend Rally in Terlingua Texas.

Our beloved Richard, aka Trail Boss, is taking a breather. I'm filling in. Uncle's 8th Annual will be very similar to last year's fantastic event with a few minor changes. Key event highlights will include:

  • Optional "Early Bird" Group Rides Thursday March 19th
  • Arrival Dinner and Check in on Thursday Night, March 19th
  • Desert Challenge Friday March 20th
  • ADVenture Challenge Saturday March 21st
  • Dos y Dos Challenge Saturday March 21st
  • Awards Ceremony and Banquet Saturday Night March 21st
  • Optional "Last Member" Group Rides Sunday March 22nd

"Early Bird" Group Rides Thursday March 19th Early arrivals on Thursday can meet up in Terlingua for some unofficial riding in groups. We'll have a station set up for early registration and point folks in the right direction for group rides. There is plenty to see and do, even if you just have 3-4 hours in the late afternoon. If you are participating in the challenges on both Friday and Saturday, this is the best day to try out a taste of Mexico.

Uncle’s Desert Challenge, Friday, March 20th: For any dual sport riders wanting an extra dose of adventure, Uncle’s Desert Challenge may just be the ticket. The Desert Challenge is a one day long-distance dirt ride designed to test your skill and stamina. On Friday morning challenge riders leave at 7 a.m. to ride a specially designed timed loop course that is 195 miles long and consisting of 95% class 1, 2, and 3 roads. The course is long and difficult and will take most or all of the day to complete. Those riders who complete the entire course in the allotted time will receive a finisher’s award.

NOTE: Desert Challenge will need to purchase a pass for Big Bend National Park. I strongly recommend getting your pass before Friday morning if you are doing the desert challenge Friday, but you can get one at the gate entering on Friday if necessary. $10 for 7 days. http://www.nps.gov/bibe/planyourvisit/feesandreservations.htm

Dos y Dos Challenge, Saturday March 21st: The new "Dos y Dos" (two by two) challenge is a 90% dirt oriented ride starting and ending in Rio Grande Village with finisher trophies going to folks completing an extremely sub-200 mile ride on way less less than 250cc bikes. This is a challenge in line with minimalist touring blogs and forum posts for abuse of inappropriate equipment. Rides such as "Panama and Back on a Super Sherpa" and "Sydney to London on a105cc Honda callled Dot". The idea is not mine, but comes from Meriden's planned BW200 x 200 ride: http://www.twtex.com/forums/showthread.php?t=99328&highlight=200 I had to rename it in honor of the sub 200cc bikes found zooming all over our southern neighbor's streets. This ride will take place mainly on dirt / gravel on the eastern side of the National Park and you will never find yourself more that 25 or so miles from pavement. Unlike the desert challenge, it will run up and back a lot of roads as to keep the total distance from ride HQ at a minimum. Sweep vehicles will run the course behind the last rider and provide pickup and delivery service back to civilization.

NOTE: Dos y Dos Riders will need to purchase a pass for Big Bend National Park. I recommend getting your pass before Saturday morning's trek to Rio Grande Village (RGV). $10 for 7 days. http://www.nps.gov/bibe/planyourvisit/feesandreservations.htm

Uncle’s Adventure Challenge, Saturday, March 21st: Are you interested in the Desert Challenge but don’t have a dual sport bike and don’t want to attempt it on your big adventure bike? The Adventure Challenge is designed for adventure riders who want an extra challenge with their rally. Uncle’s Adventure Challenge is a one day long-distance mixed dirt/pavement ride designed to test your skill and stamina. On Saturday morning challenge riders leave at 7 a.m. to ride a specially designed timed loop course that is 313 miles in length with a mix of class 1 and 2 dirt roads and generous portions of twisty asphalt. The course is long and difficult and will take most or all of the day to complete. Those riders who complete the entire course in the allotted time will receive a finisher’s award.

NOTE: The Adventure Challenge does not go into Big Bend National Park so no entry permit is required in order to participate in the Adventure Challenge.

"Last Member" Group Rides Sunday March 22nd As some of us don't have that far to travel back home, and we may be riding our bikes home, why not spend the morning taking the scenic route with a group headed your way? I'll be creating a list of guys wanting to ride east, north, west, and possibly even south out of the rally on Sunday so you can get your plans firmed up.

So, please save the date, and try to firm up plans soon! This long weekend is the 2nd weekend of Spring Break for many Texas colleges and some high schools, so plan accordingly. I'm enlisting some members to help me get group rates at Lajitas and another 1-2 moderately priced hotels in Terlingua. Details to follow.

Prices for 2015:
Rally Registration $90.00 USD - Rally, Tee, Trail Map, Welcome Dinner, Two breakfasts, Banquet, Giveaways, All the Fun.
Rally Registration $80.00 No Tee USD
Desert Challenge $25.00 USD
Desert Challenge No Trophy $15.00 USD
ADVenture Challenge $25.00 USD
ADVenture Challenge No Trophy $15.00 USD
Dos Y Dos Challenge $20.00 USD
Dos Y Dos Challenge No Trophy $10.00 USD
Shirt Long Sleeve $5.00 USD
Big Bend Ride Guide $25.00 USD

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Thanks for your input on the 200 x 200 aka Dos Y Dos challenge. I think this is going to be a really fun event for those inclined. I'm copying in what you said in the other thread...

We kicked this around on the phone Friday. Shadman had a good description that fits in with the original vision "Bikes that you would see on the back of someone's RV." There are a handful of bikes that can meet the displacement, but not the spirit of the event.

No matter who rides what, here are a few of thoughts that riders in the every challenge, but especially the Dos E Dos need to keep in mind:

Check out your bike now. Many of these smaller bikes are not daily riders. They will need some attention and maintenance before the ride, especially if it has been sitting up for months. Leaving with a gummed up carburetor, cracked tires and a disintegrating air filter will result in a long walk in the desert. Hard experience says that spending the afternoon replacing a swing arm bearing one day before departure is not the way to go.

Check out the bike's tools and spares. Make sure fixes in the field are not only possible, but likely. The stock tool kit on these little bikes is not good for much.

Know the bike's range. How far will a DR200 go on a tank of gas? Nobody knows for sure (except Philip.) Have the auxiliary fuel issue sorted out.

For the last two years two guys have ridden the 500 mile Barstow to Vegas dual sport ride on Trail 90s. Other guys ride it on DR200s. If prepped right the little bikes are as ready for the desert as any.

And Silver bullet:

The original 200 x 200 thread has a 200cc limit. If it gets opened up to 250cc then it wont be a boutique ride anymore. Plenty of fast 250cc bikes which fit in better with the bigger dual sport bikes than the little 10 hp bikes.

And my response:

<10 HP pretty much captures the spirit. A 249cc WR250X, not so much. A 288cc auto clutch homemade mini bike, yes. 270cc big bore CRF230F, no. Bone stock CRF230F yes. Inappropriate is the word for Dos e Dos.

Bikes that would be perfect for the challenge:

TW200, TTR225, 90cc Postie, Trail 90, Trail 70, Enduro 80 / 125, XR200 (plated), Yamaha Zuma scooter, Rokon 208, SP125, DR125, DR200

Small CC bikes not really in the same class (although there will be no official rules on who can enter or on what):

KTM200XC, Kawasaki KDX200 / 220, WR250R, KLX250, etc...
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Well, anyway, I'm in.

Tom, you have until March to get at least one of your bikes running if you're gonna join the fun. Maybe less keyboard, more wrench.

Just sayin'......
I fully expect to be there. Thanks for stepping up Shadman!
In for 200 y 200. If my TW is running, or my Rokon is plated. Otherwise, Adventure Challenge on the Super T. Oh, 99.58%.
For anyone who would like to participate in the Rally but is tight on funds, I'll work one on one with you to find volunteer opportunities to offset your cost.
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We had a nice meeting tonight at Live Oak Bar and Grill with Travel Diva and Meriden and some other Yamaha TW 200 enthusiasts and had some good ideas thrown out. TravelDiva will be booking up hotel blocks at three area hotels and trying for some negotiated rates.
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