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A word of thanks!


Keeper of the Asylum
Feb 28, 2003

:tab I just want to express my deep appreciation for those users that have donated to help support the site. The goal is for the behind the scenes stuff to be transparent for the end users, but rest assured it does take a great deal of time and energy to keep the site running smoothly. I have the help of a great staff of moderators and that makes things easier since I can share some of the load. It also is a GREAT help that our users don't go looking to make trouble with each other ;-) Having seen some of the wild stuff on other forums, I can only say thanks to ALL of the users for making my job a LOT easier :thumb: With a 22 month old daughter and 8 week old son, my time is precious so everything that helps to reduce the demands of running this site is a huge relief!

:tab It has always been my intent that users be able to use the site without any dues, fees, or feeling like they have to donate to belong. Being the Liberterian whacko that I am, I have always believed that if the end users wanted to see the site continue, they would do what was necessary to make that happen. Thus far, this has been the case. With times being tight for most everyone, it means a great deal to me that there are users that value the site enough to give it their voluntary financial support. I hope to continue to merit such support.


You seem to doing ok with out this but it may come in handy in the future. Add a cuss jar since you won't allow any of those colorful words. I'm sure it will bring in some revenue. Now, just the minor one's allowed.
Mar 19, 2008
New Braunfels
I'm probably like a lot of other people. I joined this site a couple of years back and enjoy visiting several times a week. I don't comment too often because don't feel like adding on to what has already been covered. I always had good intent to donate, but haven't till today because of procrastanation and laziness. Anyway, all you other people out their like me get out of your lazy boys and chip in. It's really easy and doesn't cost much! And thanks to all that keep this site up and running!