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Adventure Rider Breakfast Series - Saturday 8/15/20 @ 9a Keese's Bar-B-Que in Medina - TARA/SA

Sep 22, 2006
Castroville, Texas
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Adventure Rider Breakfast Series rides dates HERE
A Texas Adventure Riders Association San Antonio Chapter Event

The monthly breakfasts *(third Saturday) are to encourage the Texas adventure / dual sport community to get out and ride, meet other riders, share knowledge, information and see what others are planning and doing, etc.

Come to breakfast at 9a, meet and talk with other adventure motorcyclists. Some will also go for a ride afterward, others ride home. Get out on your bike and join us for either or both.


Keese's Cafe & Bar-B-Que
(830) 589-7474
13869 State Hwy 16 N
Medina, Texas

Keese's Map Location

If the restaurant is closed this will just be the meet up location.

Post Breakfast Ride Information
If anyone is up for a post breakfast ride see the optional route map below. The route is a no host self-guided GPS ride, as the ride is self-guided join a group or lead one.

The post Adventure Breakfast rides are all about fun, camaraderie, being safe
and forming riding groups so no one rides alone, especially on back roads. Some groups will focus on completing the route, others will just relax and ride to their cut off time then break off and head home.

*You determine your start time, groups usually take off before 10am.

A riding group size of 4 - 6 riders is optimal, with about a maximum of 8 or so, grouping by bike size or desired pace is also beneficial if possible.

Rain date information will be posted here on the Thursday before the ride if necessary.

Adventure Rider Breakfast Series Ride fine print & route
Route information - *Disclaimer, I built the routes on my computer using the Roads of Texas map book as my guide which is the best and most accurate I have used, but not perfect, and MotoWhere's mapping program. So the routes may not be 100% accurate. I do not pre-ride the routes; it's an adventure for me also. Road closures, legal status, road conditions and routing of county roads can change. If in doubt, turn around and find another route - DO NOT trespass. If a landowner says you are on private property, don't argue; politely ask for directions to get back to a public road.

Optional Route - 248 miles
Click on the map to view the route in Google maps
The GPX file is attached below
ARBS Keese's Bar-B-Que 4-20-19.PNG

Videos from the last time I rode this route

Ride plan & Rider etiquette
When I lead a group I don’t stop for lunch in a restaurant, I'm in the office all week so when I'm on a ride I want to spend as much time as possible in nature. I plan a stop about midway out in the country for snacks or a sandwich I bring with me, there are also the planned fuel stop(s) to pick up a snack.

I stop at every corner without a clear / obvious direction to continue and wait for the entire group to make sure the last rider sees the proper way to go, there is NEVER a need to ride above your comfort level to keep up, if I'm leading I won’t leave you.

I encourage riders to spread out to avoid the dust, no need for anyone to ride in the dust. The daisy chain method also works well, especially when its extremely dusty to keep the group even more spread out, the rider in front of the other makes sure the rider behind makes the corner and so on until the sweep rider makes the corner. As long as each rider in front of the other takes responsibility for the rider behind, no one gets lost.

Please tell someone in the group if your plans change and you decide to break off from the group, that prevents you being searched for.


Having your emergency contact information on you and having that information readily available is critical. This is important not just for group rides but everyday. Even though you may have a buddy along on the ride you may get separated on the road.
At minimum:
Your street
Your town, state, zip code
Driver's license # & state
Emergency contact
Emergency phone
I taped mine on the bottom of the visor of my dual sport helmet, I also taped another on the back side of my fairing near the dash. The important thing is that it is easy for anyone to find.

Properly prepare you motorcycle, in advance for the ride. Be ready to ride when the group you join is ready to take off, including a full tank of gas, or at least a 100 mile range.

Adventure / dual sport roads are disappearing due to pavement or closures, etc. Respect landowners and other road users, slow down and ride quietly when passing, people, vehicles, animals, homes, etc.

GPX viewer


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