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Another Crazy Weekend up at Dales

Nov 7, 2007
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Antelope Valley CA
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On Thursday May 30th I took off on my Bandit for a 390 mile ride up the 14 and 395 Hwy’s to spend the weekend at Dale Walkers place with him and his wife Liza and their son Keenan at his home and shop up in Yerington NV.

The weather was awesome on the ride up, with it not being to hot or cold, even after I got up into the higher altitudes in the High Sierra’s after I climbed up out of Bishop CA on Hwy 395. After gassing up at Topaz Lake on the border of CA and NV where I always do when I’m either riding up to Dales or someplace up that way, I turned off of Hwy 395 about 3 miles north of Topaz Lake onto NV state Hwy 208 and headed east over towards Yerington.

I then after 24 miles I turned onto NV Hwy 339, which is one of several hwy’s that take you over to Yerington. About 5 miles onto hwy 339, I got past by a NV state HP, who immediately hit his lights after passing me, and then he turned around and came after me.

I pulled over and took my helmet off and started getting out my license, registration and insurance card and knew that I was probably going to get a speeding ticket, as I was doing 70 mph in a 50mph zone. I did not try and deny I was speeding, and I apologized to the officer for speeding and told him that I did not know that the Hwy was a 50 mph zone and that I had just road 5 hrs up from CA and was on my way over to spend the weekend at Dale Walkers place, and he said he knew of Dale Walker.

I was polite to the officer, and he was very nice back to me, and after quickly checking out my paper license and registration and talking to me about the speed I was riding at and giving me a heads up about the speeds for the rest of the roads over to Dales place,
he let me go with a warning. Then we started talking about motorcycles, which is when he told me that he and his wife rode Harleys, so we talked about riding and motorcycles for about 10 minutes on the side of the road, and then I took off.

One of the highlights of the weekend was when Me, Dale and another friend of his, Curt took off for a ride Friday afternoon with me first riding Dales new FZ8, Dale on Igor, his 1250 Bandit with his monster motor in it, and Dales friend Curt riding a Yamaha FJ1100.

At the gas station where we gassed up, Me and Dale switched bikes And I got my first taste of Igor, which immediately put a big smile on my face. So we headed out east on
Hwy 95 which Dale lives about 2 miles off of, out about 15 miles to the big valley that hwy 95 drops down into that is about 4 miles across which nice smooth asphalt.

Dale told me to take some runs down across the valley, and after I shifted into second gear whack the throttle wide open and run the engine up to 10,500 rpm. The first run I was just getting a feel for the bike and only took it up to 135 mph, then on the second run I got it up to 145 mph, then on the last run I hit 150 mph, and it was even anywhere near being topped out, but there was a little cross wind and Dales Bandit is still totally naked as he’s still has the cowling off of it working on his custom cowling, so the wind blast was pretty strong at 150 mph, so not wanting to wreck Dales Bandit I let off and slowed down, and he latter thanked me for being concerned about not wanting to wreck his Bandit.

All I can say though is the motor in Dales Bandit is a freaking beast, and pulls like a mofo, and really transforms the 1250 engine into something that has to experienced to be
appreciated, and it has a great exhaust sound to it which in itself is very addicting. So I already have Dales stage II, but not his headers which I had been planning on buying, so after riding Igor I told Dale that the next thing I need to get is his headers when he gets the next batch ready.

I will be posting up the story and pics about the epic 4 wheel off road adventure fail that happened on Friday afternoon, and the epic rescue that took place Saturday afternoon, as it never a dull moment up at Dales place.

I really like Yerington, and the closeness of it to all of the cool riding places up in the High Sierra’s, and Dale keeps bugging me to move up there, so since I have been wanting to move out of crazy Commiefornia anyway, I have decided to work at selling my house and move up there. And I’m planning on riding back up to Dales in a few months to start checking out houses. :rider:

Red Rock Canyon, Hwy 14 North


Looking west towards Mt Whitney just south of Lone Pine CA

Just before Tom’s Place on Hwy 395 at the top of Sherwin Summit

Looking west from Lake Crawley on Hwy 395

Over looking Mono Lake on Hwy 395 just north of Lee Vining


Just outside of Bridgeport CA on Hwy 395 looking south towards Twin Lakes

The Walker River in CA on Hwy 395, Just south of Walker CA

Dales shop


Yours truly sitting on Igor just prior to some fast runs on Hwy 95 in NV

Dales place.




Walker Lake NV on the ride back on Sunday

Heading back towards Bishop CA on Hwy 6

13,147 foot Boundary Peak on Hwy 6 on the border of NV/CA
May 8, 2011
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Wow for the scenery (I'm in New England with my stupid leafs!), nice bikes, nice roads al though I see no turns but mehhhh details! :-P


May 18, 2010
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Hurst, TX
Thanks Metrick! I always really enjoy your ride reports when you head up 395 through the Sierras. That is one of my favorite places on this earth. :-)