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any FZ1 out there?

Jul 16, 2009
Richardson, TX
I've got an 06 I'm not overly attached to.

JMZ- My online experience has been that 1st gen owners are quite proud of their bikes and insist that the 2nd gen was an unnecessary change on a perfect original design. But I like mine. It's way nicer than my ninja 300 but I miss my SV1000S more.
Nov 5, 2008
East, Tx
How do the first and second gen fz1's compare
Sorry for the late reply.

We had both at the same time for a while.


To me they were completely different bikes. Both had ample power and were reasonably comfortable. With out getting the OP's thread way off track discussing the differences between them I will just generalize and say I found the GenI to be more comfortable for long rides and the GenII to have a slight edge performance wise being a sportier ride. Since then the GenII has moved on to a new owner and no more than my wife is riding now the GenI may end up leaving to.:argh: