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Anyone ride in Forma Cape Horn boots?


Jun 16, 2005
The Woodlands, Texas/Pipe Creek, Texas
I have one cheap pair of Bilt boots that are ok for general riding but the sole is pretty stiff for walking around in off the bike. I am wanting some boots that are warm in cooler weather and I am looking pretty hard at the Forma Cape Horns.

Here are some feature requirements needed:

Ease of entry - I have limited mobility in my ankles which makes it hard for me to "turn the corner" in regular pull on boots. The Cape Horns are said to have a very large opening. I bought my cheap Bilts because of the long side zipper which allows my crummy, stiff ankles to get into the boot.

Waterproof - I'm not worried about stream crossings because I ride on pavement. However, I did own one pair of waterproof boots in the past thinking they would be good in any season and I ended up with a swimming pool in each boot in the summer. The waterproof liner in the Cape Horns should provide a warm interior when riding for extended periods in 50-60 degree weather. So maybe my waterproof requirement actually should be called cold proof.

Walkability - I want a sole that is flexible enough to be able to not have to pack a separate pair of shoes to get around town on foot once I get to the town that I am going to.

Revzilla has the Cape Horns for 279.00. Before I spend that much on a pair of boots, I would like input on them from those that have used these. Also, if you know of another manufacturer and model of boot that would satisfy my peculiar feature requirements, I would love to hear about them.



Follower of Rev. Doug
Jun 11, 2006
I have the Forma Adventure low ...

Easy to get on and snap.
Comfortable to walk in ... once broken in.
But still give good support.

Low because I have fat calves ...


Forum Supporter
Oct 4, 2009
Yo no se about Cape Horns other than I saw them in my googles for Adventure Low threads.

I just ordered a pair of Forma Adenture Lows, in black. Saw the Atomic Moto video, along with a lot of reviews, and they sold me. The 'a hiking boot made for riding' is what sold me. I hike. I can relate to hiking boots too and anticipate knowing what I might get. For riding I have a pair of street boots, I have a pair of MX boots, but I got the Forma Lows to fit the in between.
Sep 11, 2005
Spring Texas
I come back to Spring on March 5 (today). I've got a pair in the garage I'm not using. let me check the size. pm me your phone number.