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austin GS in dirt or sand

Jun 9, 2016
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anyone mind sending me a PM or giving me links to good roads or areas or riders interested in riding dirt or sand on the GS?

i am terrible with the search function but saw another post on bastrop area rides?

anyway, i have a GS that i tend to ride loaded so would be especially interested in large bike riders/areas.

that is if course until i land and on a smaller bike that belongs with the gs.


Jan 22, 2011
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At the back of the pack and out of the dust
There is a lot of dirt/sand not too far from you in Lavaca, Caldwell and Gonzales counties. Some of the area has been graded and will have oilfield traffic. Search for Ezzell and check out the area to the east between 1 and Gandy Bend.

There is some grade 1 gravel in Lee, Bastrop, Fayette and Austin counties, but they are paving them a little at a time. It's easy stuff.

You mention Bastrop area rides. There are a set of trails on the east side of Bastrop. Don't go there alone and take something smaller than a GS. The area is a lot of fun to ride, but it is not very forgiving with steep hills, lots of ruts, etc. Despite being close to a highway, a crash and injury at Bastrop trails could mean being stuck there for hours or days before someone found you.