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Backcountry Edge and Kelty Tents


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Oct 12, 2018
I have to share this astonishing story about a not so recent purchase from Backcountry Edge out of Manheim PA. and Kelty Tents out of Boulder CO.

I finally pulled the trigger on a Kelty Grand Mesa 2 person tent. Having spent untold hours searching, reading, asking questions, the Grand Mesa fit my motorcycle camping needs. Quick to set up/take down, lite, and lots of room for me.

I found the tent for sale at Backcountry Edge on their Amazon store front and purchased it on sale. That was November 15th.

Once delivered, I wrapped the box and placed it under the Christmas tree. My wife and kids know of my plans for motorcycle camping so this Christmas was filled with camping toys. Cook stove, Helinox chair, sleeping bag, pad. Man, I had the works. It was an fantastic Christmas and since then, I've been itching for a reason to go camping.

Everything went into the closet as I waited for the weather to cooperate with my future camping goals.

This month, I started my plans. My first solo camping trip. I requested time off for a long weekend. Padre Island National Seashore was stop one. Galveston Island at a AirBnB, Houston, then back home. It was going to be very exciting for this old fart and I began working on my pre-camping check list. Everything was going to be in order. This would be one well planned camping trip. Tim from “Forty Times Around” would be proud.

This last Sunday was my "test packing out" day. Pulled everything out of the closet, laid it out next to the bike, and began organizing what would go where. Since I hadn't set the tent up, now was a good time.

Opened the box, dumped the contents onto the ground. Low and behold... No **** tent. I have the poles, the stakes, the fly... No tent body....

My heart stopped. A lump formed in my throat. If I was 10, I probably would have cried. My wife could tell my world had just collapsed and jumped right in to give me support. Supported me as I stumbled into the house, overtaken by state of absolute dismay.

It was Sunday, what could be done... The purchase was eons ago, what could be done...

Together we pulled up the Amazon order and started the refund process. I knew I didn't have much hope of recovering from this. And purchasing a new tent was adding to my gloom and despair.

Amazon replied immediately informing me they would contact Backcountry Edge who had two days to respond. Monday morning Backcountry confirmed receipt of my issue and asked I send a photo of the items I did have. Doing so Monday evening, they replied promptly Tuesday morning. Backcountry informed me they didn’t have any Grand Mesa tents in inventory but would reach out to Kelty asking them to replace the missing tent body.

Shortly after lunch I received a phone call from Kelty in Boulder, CO. They apologized for the inconvenience. She said the couldn’t send a tent body as they didn’t have one. But they would send a new Grand Mesa 2 person tent right away. She said to keep what parts I have from the previous purchase.

I was absolutely stunned. Fantastic customer service from Kelty, and Backcountry. Please think of these two on your next camping gear purchase. I’m confident you will not be displeased.
Nov 25, 2012
Great story I am glad they got you squared away. I have the same tent and bought it from Backcountry also. I had good service from mine and it is several years old and still holding up well with no leaks or damage. Enjoy.
Oct 25, 2010
I love Kelty. I'm an admitted fan boy. Their Customer service is great when you do happen to need it and their products are high quality but still affordable.