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Bike games / field events

May 18, 2006
Laredo, TX
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Some of the most fun I've had at rallies is the bike games or field events.

The BMOA British & European rallye in New Ulm has some of the best:

-Cold start race (must be a kickstart bike)
-Dirt drags
-Ride the plank
-Slow race
-Barrel roll

Two-up games
-Ring toss

I've done many others including-
-T-shirt toss (2-up)
-Tennis ball (in PVC pipe) catch (2-up)
-Dress the baby (2-up)
-Tater in the hay (2-up)
-Pickle/weenie bite (2-up)
(most of these are at Gypsy rallies)

Then there are the esoterics...
-Loudest pipes