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Black and white from Friday


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Dec 25, 2005
Rowdylett, TX
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here goes :mrgreen:

All looked crisp and clean on the focus.
My votes go to 3, 6, 8

1. Feels like it's missing its "bottom"
2. Same as #1. A little too tight on the crop.
3. Like it. Would have liked a little more light on you; maybe leaned against the inside of the doorway.
4. I would crop it square and eliminate the vast black to the left
5. Lots of interest in the photo. nice framing, but your pose looks awkward, too posed.
6. Nice comp
7. Like the textures, but something about the comp doesn't click.
8. I like the textures and shadows
Jan 14, 2013
Thanks! I should have a chance to rework them this week, the feedback is great, really appreciate it.
I had originally planned to shoot my riding buddy's Harley at the little chapel but he opted to take his GS. Frank puts up with me when I get "creative", that's what riding buddies are for, eh?
The locals got busy at that chapel, in a week they had done a lot of work with the celebratory poles and ribbons and they'd had a party there, too.
Odd little place in the "Sierra of Secrets".