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Blod clot.

Apr 12, 2012

Treatment is doing some good.
Praying for you. Check for Factor V Leiden. It is a genetic predisposition toward clots. My brother (50) has it, had clots in his lungs. Clotting meds were ****. I was tested but do not have it. My mom died of clots in 91.

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Dec 16, 2009
Temple, Texas
Prayers sent for your situation. Not meaning to hijack thread but am currently under treatment for same problem and wish to advise readers of symptoms of blood clots. In my case, my DVT(deep vein thrombosis) was "provoked" by surgery following an on the job injury. I was hurt on 2-21 while out on an occupied stolen vehicle, tearing my right knee patella out. I had surgery on 2-22. My entire leg was immobilized in a brace. About 14 days ago, I started having severe pain in my right leg, down the inside, by the knee and into the calf. I ignored it for a day. It grew worse and within a day I could not stand up on crutches for more than several minutes. I went on line and pretty well figured I had a clot. I got into the hospital where it was diagnosed with ultra-sound. The blockage ran down the femoral artery from below my groin to mid-calf. I did not know blockages could be that long.

I spent three days in the hospital with IV blood thinners. I made good progress and will be on oral blood thinners for months while my body absorbs this blockage. The pain from the clot surpassed that of the injury and the surgery. If you have surgery or an injury and have an immobilized limb, pay close attention. If you have pain, discoloration(entire limb reddening), swelling, see a doctor immediately.

Blood clots are actually pretty common. They happen to all ages and according to the internal medicine doctors that treated me, there isn't a set pattern to a provoked DVT other than lack of mobility(a cast or brace on a limb). You have to be on guard. When I'm recovered, I know I'm going to take more frequent stops driving and riding. I'm going to get my lower body moving regularly.

Best wishes to all who have dealt with these potentially deadly things.


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Aug 28, 2016
My thoughts and prayers.

I have family members who have experienced DVT. One of the best, free therapies to avoid this is to engage in an aggressive lifestyle change. The best thing is it is cheap and has many fringe benefits....basically four little ideas:

1. Increase your daily movement by walking as much as possible for your particular situation. Limit the protracted period of sitting at a desk, car, etc. Standing up and down on a motorcycle is a good way to prevent the pooling of blood in the lower extremities while riding.

2. Again, low fat, low carb "Mediterranean diet" is your best friend.

3. Practice intermittent fasting. You will save money on food and lose weight too.

4. If your stomach can tolerate it, take 81 mg of unbuffered aspiring with your breakfast (to avoid stomach indigestion issues).

It's cheaper than the hospital.

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