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BMT Ride/Trip Schedule for 2004 is up finally


Keeper of the Asylum
Feb 28, 2003

:tab For those of you that have been asking me about the ride and trip schedule for Backroad Motorcycle Tours next year, I finally have all the dates and locations posted. However, I don't have all the reservations finalized yet, so you cannot view the registration information. I'm trying to get all of that done by early December. However, if you saw the rates for the stuff we did last year, it will be about the same.

2004 Rides

2004 Trips

:tab You may notice that I have included quite a few newbie/day rides. These are going to be weekends that we leave free to do local area single day rides for new and inexperienced riders. There will be no fee for these events. The routes will be determined closer to the actual event.

:tab As usual, any questions, etc,... drop me a note.