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BMW meeting K1600 - May 2020 Arrival

Jul 15, 2015
BMW meeting K1600 - May 2020 Arrival

We have long worried whether a K1600 meeting in late May is possible - yes, it is possible! Unusual form of catering in the hotel. No buffet, but table service. Distance, mouth protection, hand washing - we already practiced at home .....

Motorcycling is one of the few activities where the group does not get too close when driving. So far, no one has been hit.
The brand new cameras were tested on arrival. Almost all of them now have systems with very good image stabilization - blurred images will (almost) be a thing of the past in the future.
Guide on arrival Ralf from the west, Thomas from the south.

And the next weeks there should be the next film every Friday evening at 6 p.m.
Due to the late delivery of the new vehicle documents, Thomas and Hans had to drive up one last time with the K1600 - the cutter, with the kind support of the BMW branch in Nuremberg, was able to do an extensive test drive with the R1250RT.


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So this group first met as K1600 riders and now some are migrating to other bikes?