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Brent Adams, Quadracycle Austin

Aug 9, 2009
Austin, TX
Hi I am interested in finding out more about Brent Adams, the bikes he built, and his shop Quadracycle, later renamed Texas Muscle Bikes that closed around 1995 in Austin Texas. I worked for Brent a couple of years in his shop, where he built my 1984 900 Ninja motor, around 1993. This may have been his last motor ever built. My 900 Ninja is currently undergoing a restoration, after sitting for about 15 years or more, being in mothballs. Here is the thread on the resto project: http://www.twtex.com/forums/showthread.php?t=51621

Brent put a distinctive plaque on the motors he custom built:

There is a lot I dont know about Brent, and his wife Monica. As I understand, he cut his teeth building Honda drag bikes that set world championship records in the 1970s. He built motors and raced against the up and coming Vance and Hines, when they were just teen age kids starting out. He also hung with Russ Collins. At the shop, I saw these huge big bore custom cly blocks that were for RC motors of huge displacement. Brent also had some very cool bikes he worked on for customers, such as a built up GS1100 and a very early and rare Bimota that had a Suzuki GS motor in it.

Brent was a real craftsman that new his stuff. He could balance cranks, flow heads, blue print motors, and jet bikes. Brent was a true character that they broke the mold on. Gruff, and abrasive at times. Brent new his business and how to build motors, like it his way or not! But, he was a great guy to me and was a stickler for doing a job right the first time. Working for him I got to see some real Texas spirt, independent, hard working, and to the point. He also had a sense of humor, and some of his catchisms are too colorful for here, or maybe another time. Monica was cheery and bright, a great counter balance to Brent.

Brent built up the motor on my 900 Ninja, the works: balanced crank and rods, undercut tranny, billet clutch, big bore kit, flowed heads, radius valve job, Mikuni carbs, D&D exhaust. He tuned it on his dyno in the shop. We added PM wheels and brakes to the shop. Here is the crew, including Brent and Monica with the bike they built for me.



Ive been doing some noodling on the web about Brent.*Several of his old bikes are still lurking around. *Here is one of his old Hondas I found on a forum, where the owner was asking to find out more about Brent.

This bike was on a Honda SOHC Air Cooled site, I think the owner rescued it from his older brother that had it setting in a barn for a long time. *Brent Adams built the motor in about 1984, and the guy that lived in Austin moved to Michigan. The current owner got it in Michigan and is putting new life into it. *




This is a Brent Adams built bike, still in the Austin area. *The owner has plans to upgrade it.


Anyone still owning a bike built by Brent has a very special engine built by a local legend that knows his stuff. Brent is a craftsman that grew up in the school of hard knocks, and Hondas were his specialty. Brent has quite a legacy and I think documenting it would be fantastic.

I lost touch with Brent and Monica, but I understand Brent is well and doing occasional motor work. Monica as a great photography website.

I am interested to find more of his bikes and builds, or hear about any stories and history people know.

Thank you!


Nov 28, 2006
North of Weird
Lee Webb here on the board might be able to provide some insight... I've also sent the thread link to another m/c historian guy local to Austin for many years. Maybe they'll provide some input.