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Burl’s Ride - like Baja ... only a whole lot closer!

Feb 5, 2005
here and there, mostly there
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Monday, November 10, 2008

The morning started long before dawn. We had packed much of our gear the evening before, so all that was left was the loading the bikes and tossing the gear in the trucks. Mark, Matt and I were quiet, as Keith’s cabin was nearby and he wasn’t up yet.

While we were wrapping up the loading, we saw Steve’s crew exit the area. A quick wave likely unseen in the dark and we wrapped up the loading. Next up was a stop at the Fina/Restaurant for a splash of fuel and breakfast.

Dawn was struggling to join us as we headed north on SH118, effectively shutting the door on another chapter of Big Bend fun.

The sun continued to peak over the horizon and the shadows chased us across the valley as we headed north. We encountered a cool weather phenomena along the way. I was following Matt as he entered a layer of ground fog in a bottom. It was absolutely flat across the top and actually reminded me of snow, it was so thick.

Soon I entered it as well. It silently engulfed my truck. I could only see a few yards in front of me, so I slowed in respect for what could pop up in front of me all too quickly, if I was not careful.

I soon rose out of the mist and was greeted with the sun kissing the top of the mesa to the west of the road.

I tried to photograph the scene just for grins.


Well, for the most part my trip back to the Metromess was uneventful. I stopped for fuel a couple of times and to off load some liquids myself.

I kept looking at the clock in my truck and realized that I was going to hit Fort Worth right at rush hour, so the old toll road between Fort Worth and Dallas would be crowded.

As I passed under the Beech Street bridge in East Fort Worh, my truck began to make a rather ugly sound. Mmmmm, it sounded like I had a plastic bag caught in the grill. I turned down the radio to realize that it was not a bag but something more serious.

I managed to exit the freeway at Oakland and called a friend that works on my vehicles. He gave me the number of the wrecker company and I waited ...

Well, the rescue arrived and I was finally able to make it home ...


I guess the positive side is that it didn’t let go until I was almost home.

At Mark’s shop we unloaded ... and I rode my bike home to get my little truck and come back for my stuff.


A little over $1,800.00 and 5 days later I got my big truck back.

So ends my story. It was an expensive end to a fun weekend.

Was it worth it? In a word, yes. It has been a difficult year work wise so I needed the break. My bike ran well other than the flooding issue and now that I understand the issue, I will deal with it by reacting more quickly.

It was fun to get to see a bunch of great people that I don’t get to see often enough and to meet some new folks as well.

For me, it is back to building our new OHV park near Ozona. We are working hard to expand opportunity here in Texas and I spend a lot of time there.

With that ...

Take care, thanks all for the kind words of encouragement and I appreciate the time you have invested in my tale. Hopefully it has been worth your time. If you have never experienced the magic that is Big Bend, please come check out our slice of paradise.

Come in silence and allow the magic to find your soul. You will leave forever touched by the magic of one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Go in Peace, but Wear Body Armor.
Feb 4, 2006
Driftwood, Tejas out by the Salt Lick
Great ride report Tony, it made me relive our adventures all over again. :pirate:

You're a good man Tony, I don't care what they say about you.

You're a great story teller and not just because you don't let the facts get in the way of telling a good story. :clap: