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CANCELLED 2019 Mextrek Celebration de Milton April 25 - 28

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Nov 13, 2007
Sugar Land, TX
Mextrek #9 (as described in this thread), due to next to no rider interest, has officially been cancelled. I am starting a new thread for a June 2019 event which will be Mextrek #9. The celebration for Milton will be done in conjunction with Mextrek #10, the regularly scheduled October event. The threads for the next 2 events are listed here:

Mextrek #9: Saturday June 22nd to Sunday June 30th 2019, destination Guanajuato / San Miguel


Mextrek #10: Saturday October 26th to Tuesday October 29th destination Galeana and Celebration de Milton.

Details TBD.

Closing thread. Very sorry this isn't happening.
Not open for further replies.