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Cardo Freecom1 Bluetooth in a full faced Shoei

May 2, 2004
Great State of Texas
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Cardo Freecom 1 with FM radio. Finally got with the times and installed a bluetooth unit in my Shoei RF1200.

Installation is straightforward and the most difficult part was simply trying to get the cheek pads lined up after the wiring and boom mic is in place. This is more of an issue of my first time removing and installing the liner than it is of the Cardo Freecom. The only issue I came across were the Shoei's speaker cut outs were a bit too small. This means they don't allow the speakers to sit flush and deep inside. You won't be able to re-install the Shoe's speaker ear pads, which is fine. Just use the included alcohol wipes and Velcro to attach the speakers. It won't fit perfect but it will work and they won't be going anywhere unless you intend to remove them.

I like my helmets snug so that when I'm wearing it, my cheeks are pressed in. Even so, the speakers don't get in the way of putting the helmet on or comfort while wearing it. Removing the helmet, it is a bit more snug and occasionally an ear gets folded a bit more than usual removing the helmet. Nothing terrible. With everything in place the speakers sound fantastic. Better sounding than an iPhone and hard wired ear buds. The unit syncs up easily to both my phones (iPhone and Android) and talk and listening quality are both great. The FM feature actually works and is convenient!

The included boom mic works fine with my full faced helmet. My lips don't touch the mic unless I make an effort to so unless you have a chin that's abnormally long, it should work for most people and full faced combinations.