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Charlotte NC Urban Hike


Nov 28, 2006
North of Weird
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I like the cascading of the waterfall/wall and the conversion, but the total content just isn't talking to me. I think it might be too wide of a shot? (or rather, tall??) Maybe a crop to remove some of the left leaving the cascading blocks and a bit of the pool....

The monkey shot is whimsical. I like how the person is captures mid-stride in the reflection.

Queen City looks like it was a street sign on a telephone pole? Maybe a tighter crop to eliminate the car/yellow reflector on the left? Go tighter or a lot wider to give it context?

Glad to see you getting out and about too. How's the new digs working out?

Dec 25, 2005
somewhere between NC and TX
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thanks for the critique.
I went back & forth on the crops on both of the pics. I cropped the color version of the fountain a little tighter. I can only go tighter on the telephone pole flyer.

Still in transition. The house in Plano hasn't sold. The housing market seems to have died.
The area here is awesome.
It's definitely nice getting away from the Metromess. I don't miss endless suburbia at all. Charlotte has art all over their downtown area. I can't describe how much I miss riding when I head to the mountains/country around here.