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HOUSTON: Clear Lake Bike Night Wednesday


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May 29, 2007
Conroe, Tx
Thanks! Whatever y’all do, stay away from Laredo. The place is wall-to-wall trucks. Imagine all of the Houston traffic and it’s craziness, but with diesel rigs instead of cars.
I have heard that if all the the border towns were all incorporated together, the population would be over 6 million. By far the largest city in Texas.

It was great seeing everyone Wednesday ... but, I think I walked my tab! No, I don't really think I did, I know I did! After waiting, when he finally brought my food, I just started eating. Then, when we left, I forgot to pay. ... honestly! I will try to catch him, the next time I'm down, but that relies on an obviously faltering memory.

By the way, have ya'll tried Hopdoddy on Bay Area. It's a burger joint that started in Austin. There's one up in the Tomball area that I have been to many times. If you are a beer drinker, they have some good brews as well. But the burgers and fries are worth the trip, by themselves. They also have other entrees.