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Colorado Run - Million Dollar Hwy

Mostest funnests part is Silverton to Ouray! Been enjoying the Durango/Ouray area since '72, never gets old. :thumb:
I wonder how motorcyclists get such a bad reputation with the general driving public.
I completely understand what you are saying. I also understand the trap many flatlanders from TX fall into when riding in CO and other areas with awesome vistas and curvy roads. Modern bikes are so amazing the fun of using these incredible toys is very difficult to resist. In that video the rider looked to be in total control at all times, sure looked fun. Riders from CO tell me how they get a little toopid when they ride in areas of west tx, the opportunity to visit the last quarter of the speedo can be too strong at times. Flip Wilson said it best!
Coming close to other vehicles while passing in no passing zones, hitting the speeds indicated on the riders speedometer on a speed limited road, and not letting other traffic know what he intended to do do NOT sound like "total control" to me.
Well, I'm sure I add to that poor reputation then as well. I felt he was controlled and respectful. Did he break a few laws? Yep. So have many of us, include those that just do a 'reasonable' (to them) 10 miles over the limit.
Riding that road, especially in the twisty canyon part, is a rush and a temptation.
Just be careful to not overdrive your sight line for your speed. Side roads and pullouts just over the hill/around the curve make your effective speed limit lower, sometimes lower than posted, hence the reduced speed curve yellow signs sometimes.
I didn't think the speed was excessive most of the time. But I wouldn't try to keep up with him either. Besides, passing on a yellow line is a Hard No for me.