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Critique - Pictures from my time in Oklahoma last month and a few other pictures

Jul 3, 2013
Grand Prairie, TX
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Hello! Before we start, I would just like to say that I took these photos about a month to a month and a half ago, which I posted on Facebook and deleted from my camera afterwards. Well, this is a problem, since I no longer have the EXIF data After I pulled them off Facebook :( Having said that, let's begin shall we?

In the attachments, you should see some file names;

1.) Dad; As the name suggests, this is my dad. I love Black and White photos; I feel that for some reason, they hold more detail and express more emotion somehow.

2.) Tulha; Tulha is my youngest brother's name and the picture is, again, in Black and White. On my Facebook, I tagged him and added the description "L'Oréal - Because you're worth it." Everyone used to tease him as a little kid for being a girl because of his hair-style, and it was even so bad at one time that, when we were flying to Pakistan, several stewardesses called him "Ma'am"! I love my brother :P

3.) Isam Goofy; Isam is the middle brother between the three of us. Have I told you how I love Black and White photos? Isam is probably the "rocker" of the three of us, being heavily into bands like Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold, and Static-X. Yeah. New day stuff. I'm more a fan of the 80's myself even though I'm only 18. Weird huh?

4.) Isam Blurred; Another picture I took of Isam, which for some reason blurred at the last second. I think it would have been a good photo had it not blurred lol

5.) Me; Well, it's me again! I Don't typically take photos of myself, especially including my face; you know, the whole "photographer never gets photographed" deal? Not that I don't like pictures of myself, I just never think of it. That, and I'm really the only one who knows how to work the camera in my family :P I am currently a Public Safety Intern at my local Police Department, and the reason for this photo is later explained below.

Those are all the attachments! Now, for the images you see linked directly below, a little back story:

In 1992, my mother lost her sister, sister in-law, and niece to a kidnapping in a local Wal-Mart parking in Edmond, Oklahoma. They were never found after that day. For more on that story if you are interested, just google "Wendy Camp" or "Cynthia Britto".

It was a national story many times. Anyway, within the past 2 months, the OSBI (Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, who was handling the case) was given a huge tip, leading to the discovery of the bodies under 6 feet of dirt. (WARNING: Some people may find this disturbing. You have been advised.)

After being notified of this, we were asked to make our way to Oklahoma to attend an OSBI organized victim's symposium, at the OSBI Forensic Science Center; this was an effort to bring together families of different tragedies and gain from each other's knowledge in many way. My photo above, "Me", is of me in a hotel on the way to this event.(My Victim's Symposium ID)

On our way to Oklahoma however, we realized that the Moore Tornado incident had just happened, and that we would be driving through Moore to get to Edmond and Guthrie. I have to say, I felt so many different emotions at one time seeing the aftermath of the Tornadoes, it was just overwhelming. I felt thankful to god that my family and others hadn't been placed in this unfortunate scenario, yet I also felt depressed for the families who have to face this. I would have helped rebuild and cleanup had I not been bound to other obligations and if I was able to travel by myself. (Moore Water Tower)

I was shocked at the destruction left behind by the Tornadoes because I always saw it on TV, but never in real life. Just along the side of the road lay cars flipped over in piles of rubble. We even encountered what was in the news next to the IMAX Theater, the Theater itself, and the building in front of the theater.

I hope nothing here offends anyone, and I hope that it serves the purpose to better everyone's knowledge of just how bad the situations are for the victims of Oklahoma's recent tornadoes.

With due respect,
- Humzah.


Apr 22, 2004
Grand Prairie
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Photo #5 reminds me of the photo of John F. Kennedy looking out the window of the White House during the difficult days of the Cuban Missile Crisis.