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D/FW - TARA Camping & Eating March 11

Oct 10, 2012
Possum Kingdom Lake, TX
I'll be hosting a D/FW - TARA shindig on Saturday, March 11. About 90 miles west of Ft. Worth.

The plan (Plan A);

Meet in Graham at Burgers N Billiards (behind the Whataburger) @ 11:00am. We'll throw down on a burger, ride some dirt roads west of town, & end up at my deer cabin about dark. We'll have supper by the campfire. I have several bunk beds for the older/fatter/non-campers like me, & anyone with a good camping set up (tent or hammock) is welcome to bring it.

Sunday morning a quick breakfast, we may ride some easy ranch roads, then head out. It'd be nice to have a lunch place in mind for Sunday somewhere, (I'll leave that to someone else who can plan), or just head on home at your convenience.

Anyone is invited, especially any Ft Worth/Dallas or area riders. Dirt roads will be easy (if it's easy enough for me, any idiot can ride it), with pavement options going around.


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Jun 11, 2006
You are correct ... the weather forecast has changed.

No rain Friday now .... it's all moved to Saturday.

Can I come stay Friday night?


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Feb 1, 2016
Mineral Wells
I enjoyed the ride. Had several turn out and enjoyed meeting new folks. Was a good time and I got to try the strom out in the sand. First pass was interesting. Second pass went better. Always wanted to see Ft Griffin and we went there. Just never took the time to stop. Aaron's narration made the first visit more complete and interesting. I must mention, Aaron is quite the historian on the early days of the west. Look forward to another ride. I will post some pics in the gallery.
Jan 29, 2017
Granbury, Texas
If it weren't for the cross winds it would have been even better.
Got home yesterday and wasn't feeling all that great. By 7 it was a full blown case of the flu. Hope that no one else got what I have.