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DAL/FTW: DFW North Group

May 29, 2005
Out Riding
Travis (tperk314) has stepped up and volunteered to Lead a TARA DFW North Group.

He already has a group of folks he adventure rides with regularly and has some potential rides planned.

As soon as the overtime at work slows down I'll work on getting a M&G scheduled on the Fort Worth side of DFW and see if I can put any local rides together on top of what I already mentioned here:


My personal thanks to Travis for stepping up to do this.

Please support Travis when he kicks things off on TARA and TWT!


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Dec 11, 2011
Hey Guys...Travis here. Working on the DFW North group now. I have set up a new email address. If you would like to be included in the DFW North group drop me a note at the email and I will add your name.


The group will primarily be for guys located north of DFW. Our area is basically from DFW west on Hwy 183 to Hwy 377...then north up to Denton...then back south on I35E to Hwy 183...west back to DFW. Anyone is welcome to attend any group meetings or rides, but our meeting sites will be more convenient and local to riders in, or near, this triangle.

We will post all meetings and rides on the Txadvriders.org site, but will also use the email list to communicate back & forth...so drop me a note. Include your name, email, cell, where you live, and the type of bike that you ride: ADV, Dualsport, or Dirt...or any combination. I will try to put all this info on a PDF contact list...then email it back to everyone. That way...if you are looking for a ride buddy...you can go thru the list and contact riders directly.

Good weather is around the corner...get the info to me asap. Thanks.

Travis P.